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The girls love Legoland.

We have passes, so we try to go as often as we can.  That usually means we visit the parks about once a month.

This past visit was a special visit because it made me very aware of how much the girls are growing up.

For the longest time, K’s visits to Legoland were pretty uneventful.  She’d spend most of her time in the stroller or in someone’s arms.  She never really walked around.  She was content with simply people watching.

This time, she was old enough to want to get more involved in the visit.  She walked around a lot more.  She ran around and played with the Lego toys.  She sat by the stage to watch the Lego Friends musical show.  She thoroughly enjoyed her trip to the aquarium.


M has spent most of her visits playing around with Legos and watching almost every showing of the Lego Friends musical.  When weather permits, she’d spend the rest of the visit at the water park.  She would enjoy all the hands-on experiences that Legoland offers.

This time, she was old enough to enjoy Mini-land.  All the different city displays created out of Legos finally caught her eye.  She loved running around to the different displays and catching all the tiny details.  She was in awe and I finally saw how mature she was becoming.


I enjoy watching my girls grow up.  I enjoy watching their interests change.  I enjoy watching how mature they are becoming.  I enjoy seeing them change.

It’s interesting to watch how their interactions with Legoland are affected as they get older…

I love parenthood.

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We are officially Legoland passholders.

Yes.  One full year of unlimited access to Legoland.

We were so excited to be passholders we went to Legoland TWICE last week.


We spent TONS of time in their new Heartlake City area where the Lego Friends perform on stage.

UntitledWe’ve seen the show three times already and she’s loved being able to get up and dance with the girls!

UntitledThe great thing about Legoland is the water.  Not only do they have that awesome water park, but they have splash pads scattered through out the park.  If you know M, you know that she LOVES the water and getting wet.

Untitled Untitled

K got to spend time in the water park too.  She played in the baby/toddler wading pool and got to crawl around a small area of the baby/toddler splash pad.  I wish I could have taken photos, but I didn’t want to risk ruining my phone!

M also got to ride rollercoasters for the very first time.  She went with Hubby on her first coaster.  She LOVED it so much.  She was so excited to ride another one.  We reached another rollercoaster and we were very surprised that she easily reached the 40in height requirement.  I got to go on that other roller coaster with her.  When we asked her which coaster she liked better she said, “Both!”  I love how brave she is!

I’m sure there will be plenty of Legoland stories to come.  I’m so happy we get to have these passes and create these wonderful memories for our girls.

If God permits,  this is M’s last summer as an only child.  It’s also the last summer where ‘going out’ is pretty easy.  We only have to pack a few things and we are out the door. 

So, we’ve decided that we need to make the most of it for M.

In January, when we made the decision to try to get pregnant again, we also made the decision to take M to all the places she’s been wanting to go, since it’s a lot easier to take her places now, AND she is old enough to enjoy it.  Because she’s 2 years old, she’s also free to a lot of the places she wants to go too.  That really helps out too!

In May, we went to Disneyland.

Yesterday, we went to Legoland. 

She has been wanting to go because of all the commercials that she’s been seeing for months now.  She especially wanted to go to the waterpark. 

Thank God, the weather was cooperating and we were able to enjoy a day at Legoland, the Sealife Aquarium, AND the waterpark. 

She had a blast!  Because she loves water, she especially LOVED the waterpark.  The wading pools are 2 feet deep and perfect for her to walk around freely and pretend to swim.  She and I stayed in the wading pools for most of the visit, while Hubby got to enjoy himself going down some of the waterslides.  We went down the kiddie waterslide several times and we let her float in the little kiddie lazy river.  Overall, she just loved being in the water.

She was the happiest little kid in the world yesterday! 

She was so happy to be there that it really made me cry to see her enjoy herself so much.  Ok, maybe it’s the hormones, but still…

I’m so glad we had the chance to do this for her.  She’s been asking to go to Sea World and the beach, so those places are definitely on our list. 

I’m so happy to be making these memories for her. 

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