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The family and I spent the past weekend in Vegas for Hubby’s birthday.. we took Little M with us and I have to tell you that it was definitely a different experience than I’ve ever had before..

I thought being prego in Vegas was challenging.. this was totally an interesting experience..

I’m not saying it’s bad.. in fact, I enjoyed myself, and I’m sure Little M enjoyed herself too.. she got to eat foods outside of her normal “baby food” lineup.. she got to play in the pool area AND at the little outdoor mall..

Here’s a little list of befores and afters based on this past Vegas trip..

VEGAS BEFORE: Casino hopping all day.. casino hopping all night
VEGAS AFTER: Finding non-casino places to go during the day.. staying at the “home” casino all night

VEGAS BEFORE:  Gambling all day.. gambling all night
VEGAS AFTER:  Waiting for Little M to nap before spending an hour or two at the casino hoping she won’t wake up and cry before I get back.

VEGAS BEFORE:  Going to a show with the hubs at night if we found one we wanted
VEGAS AFTER:  Being in bed by 10pm with baby while everyone else was down at the casino gambling

VEGAS BEFORE:  Getting all dressed up and accessorizing with the cutest purses and shoes
VEGAS AFTER:  Wearing flip-flops and jeans, accessorizing with a diaper bag..

VEGAS BEFORE:  Ordering my own alcoholic drinks..
VEGAS AFTER:  Taking one sip of whatever the hubs got because I didn’t want to get too tipsy while taking care of the baby..

VEGAS BEFORE:  Uninterupted eating sessions in all the great buffets on the strip..
VEGAS AFTER:  Having to run up to the hotel room with a poopy baby while eating at the buffet in the “home” casino..

VEGAS BEFORE:   Annoyed at the smoker that decided to sit at the slot machine next to you..
VEGAS AFTER:  Having to get up and move slot machines (even if I was winning) because you don’t want to come back too smokey when you hold the baby..

There are so many other things.. like worrying about a stroller.. making sure to get a high chair.. and other baby-related things that really made this trip different..

It solidified the fact that I truly am… a mother.


Las Vegas when pregnant was so much more different than I anticipated..

Before pregnancy.. I could walk up and down the strip like nobody’s business.. casino hopping was a cake walk.. and I never went back to the hotel room until it was time to sleep or change into my evening wear.. and the only time I rested during the day was when I was laying out by the pool..

This week.. I have never felt more pregnant in my life..

A lot of it is because I feel like I have literally grown in belly practically overnight.. I thought I was big before.. but I feel like I’m getting bigger and bigger and bigger..

Walking is fine.. but not for long periods of time.. not only do I get tired.. but my calves and ankles swell by the end of the night..

It also tires me out to be out and about all day.. we had to take a mid-day break into the hotel and take a rest..

The heat also got to me a bit.. I was sweaty and icky walking in the shade..

I also used to be out til the late evening hours before I was prego.. now.. I would tire out and want to go to bed..

I guess this was just a huge wake-up call for me and the whole pregnancy.. I knew that my life and my body was changing.. but this sort of sealed the deal for me.. not that it’s a bad thing.. it’s just that it totally made me realize how different my life truly is and is going to be..

I still had lots of fun with the hubby and the family.. if God allows.. on the next vacation.. we’ll be tagging a long a little princess.. can’t wait!

When you are reading this.. I’m either in the car.. or already there.. VIVA LAS VEGAS!!

It’s my bachelorette party weekend.. and I’m doing it a little differently than most..

My mom and aunts and some other family friends are going.. then my good girlfriends are also going..

Bringing older ladies to my bachelorette?

No it’s not wierd!!

I’ve never really been one for the crazy bachelorette parties where the girls go out and get all super crazy.. in my more mature years.. I’ve settled down quite a bit and would much rather enjoy a nice weekend out with some of the people I love the most in life..

That being said..

We have the day time to hang out and do some fun stuff that is pretty ageless.. I honestly don’t know what my matron of honor has planned.. but I trust it’s fun..

At night.. my girlfriends and I will have some good fun.. party it up in a lounge.. or hang out somewhere fun.. just the girls.. while my mom and her friends hit it up casino-style.. hahaha..

It’s gonna be a fun weekend.. can’t wait!

I got back yesterday from a nice and long vacation out in Las Vegas.  The plan was to leave on Monday morning, but we decided to be daring and we left early evening on Sunday.

The weather was perfect, not too hot during the day.. and oh.. so comfortable at night.. loved every second of it.

We stayed in a timeshare a few miles away from the Las Vegas strip.  It made in convenient because you can really only do the Las Vegas Strip about three days before it becomes monotonous.  We discovered the many malls and other resorts around the city out side of the strip and made the most of our surroundings.

Again.. loved every second of it.

I learned that I can stay away from my laptop for a week.  The resort we were staying at did not offer free wi-fi so I didn’t not feel like paying extra for it.  I didn’t log on to my computer ONCE.

I did have my blackberry with me so I was able to check my emails and pop into Facebook every so often, but I didn’t not do anything else “computer-related..”

It was kind of relieving.  I didn’t know I could do it.. but I did..

Now I’m refreshed and ready to take on the world..

I also accomplished another thing on my “list” for this year.. going to Vegas more than once.. yay me!!!

 I have a weakness for purses, shoes and other accessories. The more expensive they are, the better.

Sadly.. yes.. this is true.. I really can’t get enough!

Once, when I went to Las Vegas.. I happened to stumble into the Louis Vuitton store.. and bought this really expensive wallet.. I shocked my boyfriend.. which.. at the time.. we had just started dating.. I’m glad I didn’t scare him off!

I usually go to the South Coast Plaza.. and hit all the high end purse stores.. I love looking at it all.. and every so often.. I buy one..

It’s not bad.. I don’t think it is.. it’s a little treat for myself for all the hard work I did to get that money.. and I’ve toned down.. a lot.. at least with the purses..

Shoes.. well.. let’s just say that I’d really benefit from having a whole other separate room just to house them.. it runs in the family though.. we all just love shoes!

I’m running out of ideas for blog entries.. I’d love it if someone who was reading this would add a question in the comments.. get me going on something to write about..  I am struggling for something to write and I don’t want to be the type of blogger that rambles about aimlessly.

I’ve done that so many times on other blogs.. it’s not that fun..

I guess I can revisit a past blog entry.. Oh, the places I will go..

According to that entry.. it mentions Las Vegas.. Disneyland.. Solvang.. Comic-Con.. a cruise.. and going out of state..

Looks like I’m working my way through the list..

I have plans for Vegas.. so I’m not going to mention them here because I really don’t want to jinx anything..

I went to Disneyland again a few days ago.. I think I’m up to.. two visits.. OT took me for V-day weekend.. and I took Mom on Sunday..

Solvang looks like a lost cause this year.. I don’t know if I want to waste three hours of driving for Solvang.. or three hours of driving for Vegas..

Comic-con comes later in the year.. so we’ll see about that..

A cruise may have to wait due to some saving up of money.. need the money.. need the money.. need the money..

And out of state.. well.. I did just come back from Arizona.. so that totally counts!

See.. I’m chuggin’ along!

The vacation is over and there was a lot to see and do.  There was also a lot that we didn’t do.  But Vegas has soo many things to do, it’s tough getting them all done over a three-day weekend.

Also, the boyfriend’s back (and you’re gonna be in trouble.. hey now.. hey now..).

If everything work’s out, I should be seeing him this weekend.  I hope I can finish my massive paper before then, or at least get a huge chunk of it done.

I also need to clean my room, do some laundry, unpack my stuff from Vegas, and go do that dance class thing twice a week.

Seems like I have a lot on my plate.  So I am hoping to devise a game plan.

If I get home and put in a load of laundry and then diligently do some homeworke (without distractions!!).. then I can finish a little early and spend at least an hour and a half working on my room every night.  That should make my room clean by the weekend..

Oh man.. I hope!

Sometimes it feels like we need an extra hour a day.. or an extra day a week.  It feels like nothing gets done.

I know i’m not the only one that feels this way.. everyone has their moments.

OT’s vacation has also thrown me off a little.  Since he hadn’t been around for several weeks, there was no need for me to really make sure I cleaned up everything on the weekends.  Things just piled up.  Now.. I suffer the consequences.

I think I’ll blame this on his vacation.. hahaha.. way to avoid blaming myself and my procrastinating ways!!

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