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I’ll be changing jobs soon.

I’ve got about 37 working days left in this lab and then I’ll be moving back to my old job, as a Quality Assurance Manager.

Sounds exciting, and it actually is. 

I worked at my old job for about three years, then left that job to work here for three years.  I’m looking to move back to the other job and stay there for as long as it takes.  I’m hoping this is the job that is going to take me places and make me something great.

But who knows what the future brings?

So I’m just biding my time here.  Nothing much to do with all the state economic hardships really affecting this job.. I kind of wander around aimlessly until some work comes a long.  These past few weeks have been terribly slow.. makes the time left here go much slower.

I’ve got 60+ days left at my current job.

In September, I’m going to start working at the job  I left behind three years ago.  I’m going back to that job with a higher position, and a higher status..

I’m a lame duck at this lab now..

I gave my notice a few weeks ago.. the longest “two week notice” known to man.. I figured that I should give them fair warning.. so that I could let them know about the things that only I had be sent out of the lab to train for.. but now.. I’m just bored outta my mind..

The economy has affected our lab.. samples aren’t coming in as frequently.. I’m left in my specific rotation with nothing to do on some days.. it’s frustrating because I could be using that time to do important things like getting my school work done.. instead.. I’m sitting here.. twiddling my thumbs.. surfing the internet when I can.. but knowing I’ll get repremanded for it.. but who can blame me when there really is nothing to do?!

I wish that they were flexible enough to allow me to work on my school work while here on slow days.. but I get reprimanded.. whatever.. I’m so over the way they treat me like a second-class citizen here.. just because I’m the youngest.. relatively newest.. one here.. and I’m the one that’s been sent out to places to get training for certain things.. and I’m the one that gets the special projects from the other branch labs.. ugh.  Sorry I have a biotech degree.. sorry I work my ass off..

I’m ready for this move.. especially in light of all the budget crisis we are going through being a part of the University of California system.. reading the emails.. it’s pretty scary what they have in store.. especially for me.. since I have to pay for the rest of my MBA tuition out of pocket.. looks like I’m going to be getting out of here just in time!

God brings things into your life for a reason.. He presents you with scenarios.. and He knows that through His guidance you will pick the right one.. prayer and being open to God’s plan is something I’ve learned over time.. and I’ve learned to trust in the decisions I make because I know that God will be with me through it all.. and He won’t ever give me anything I cannot handle..

Fridays are usually one of my favorite days of the week.  It leads right into the weekend, and it’s usually the day that I get to see OT.

Not this Friday.

This Friday leads to a working Saturday and an OT-less weekend.

It’s also Super Bowl weekend.  I lose my boyfriend to the Super Bowl.  I lose my boyfriend to football season.  This is my first experience to “losing a boyfriend” to sports.  Eh, I handled it fairly well.

I guess the distance helps us with that issue.  We’ll see what happens when we actually live in the same area.

Anyway.. I digress..

I work tomorrow.  Because I work in a bacteriology lab, we pretty much have to have someone in the lab everyday.  It’s not a big thing, we just have to keep certain bacteria alive in certain samples so that we are able to find them and tell the veterinarians what they need to know about their sick or dead animal.

We are on a rotating schedule.  Most of us take one weekend a month.  There are five of us on the rotation, so sometimes there are months where I don’t have to work on a Saturday.  That’s always nice.  February is one of those months.

It’s easy work though.  I just have to put most things in the refrigerator or work with some things to make sure stuff grows over the weekend.   Should only take me a few hours.. hopefully not eight!

Next month.. I’ll be working at another lab.. but that’s another story..

No wonder some of my friends call me a workaholic!!

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