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April 5th marked the 8 year anniversary of Hubby and I meeting for the first time.

Tradition dictated that we eat Korean BBQ to celebrate.

UntitledEight years ago, I was unaware that the guy I was suddenly going to meet after a long day at Sea World was going to be the man I would be spending the rest of my life with.

Eight years ago, I was unaware that the guy I was too shy to sit next to would be the father of my two precious daughters.

Eight years ago, I was unaware that the guy I ended up giving my rice to (because he had run out)  would be the man that works so hard to allow me to live my dream of a stay at home mother.

If I could go back, I would tell my “eight years ago self” to sit next to him.  He’s the one.  Enjoy the ride because it’s an interesting one.

Happy “first meeting” anniversary, Hubby.  I love you.


Three years ago, my besties and I took a trip to Sea World..

Little did I know that very day would be the beginning of the rest of my life..

Three years later.. I’ve been married for a little over five months.. and a little over three months pregnant with our first child..

All of that to the guy I met at the Korean BBQ place and shared my rice with..

So amazing how God points you in a direction and guides you through it all.. it’s just amazing..

Anyway.. I’m pretty sure I wrote something similar last year when it was our two year anniversary of meeting each other..

And I’m pretty sure I’m going to be writing something similar every year for the rest of our lives..

We’re starting a tradition that I wanted to start last year.. but since we weren’t living together yet.. it was difficult since it didn’t fall on a weekend..

This year.. and hopefully every year afterward.. we are going to eat at a Korean BBQ restaurant.. we will bring out children with us.. so they can appreciate our history..

Corny?  Maybe.. but I think it’s important that our children know that their parents love each other and will hopefully strive for a relationship that will be fulfilling and will make them as happy their parents..

So.. Korean BBQ tonight.. can’t wait!!!

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