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First off, I can’t believe those are my kids!  When did they get so old?

Secondly, when did I start dressing them all ‘matchy matchy?’  That was totally unintentional.  (Confession:  I ended up wearing a heather gray top that day too.  It was completely coincidental.)

I can’t get over how sweet this picture is.  We were about to leave to run some errands.  I was gathering things to take out the door with me.  K decided to distract herself with the iPad.

I was just about to tell them to go, when I witnessed this.

M was helping K with the ‘Alphabet with Elmo’ app.  It’s currently K’s favorite.  She loves the letters and loves the little videos that correspond to each letter.  It’s a bit advanced for her because the app requires the child to trace the letter before unlocking the video.  K tries her best, but at 18months, it’s not good enough to unlock the videos.

Big sister, M, to the rescue!

I love watching them work together.  I love that they can share (sometimes!).

I just had to snap the picture and capture the moment before getting them out the door for the day.

It really is those small moments that make me so happy!

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It happened.

M has finally figured us out.

Usually when we don’t want her to play with something, we spell it out.  So when we don’t want her to play with her iPad, we say, “Hide her i-P-a-d.”

It’s worked for the longest time..

Until the other day.

Her iPad was in our bedroom.  She hadn’t played with it for about two days.  She finally noticed that she hadn’t been watching any Youtube videos for a while, so she started asking for it.

We weren’t giving it to her, so she comes up to me and says, “Mimi, i-p-d.”

Say what?!

So I asked her, “Do you know what i-P-a-d is?”


I say, “Show me.”

She walks into the bedroom and finds the  iPad.

“There!  i-P-d!”

Well, there you go.. our secret “mommy/daddy only” code has been broken, at least for the iPad..

How old were your kids when the figured you out?!

This past weekend, I caught up on M’s laundry.

Usually, I try to do a load or two during the week, but that limits me to a load a day.  With the amount of clothes M goes through, it’s no wonder I found myself so far behind.

Luckily, I was able to catch up this weekend. 

I think a big reason why I was able to catch up was because M is starting to become a lot more independent and she’s also able to entertain herself a lot easier than before.

Granted, she still wanted me to be within eye sight, but it wasn’t bothersome. 

Sometimes, she’d just stand with me.  I’d pass her some items to throw into the dryer and she LOVED it.  She was my little helper and it was the cutest thing.

Sometimes, she just stayed in the living room while Hubby watched her.  She’d be scattering her toys, or watching TV, or both!

Other times, she would have her iPad with her.  She’d carry it to where I was and just sit in the hallway while I hung her clothes to dry.

Yes, I had THAT much laundry that I needed to do for her..

There were other domestic errands I was also able to do without much toddler distraction this weekend..

Its bittersweet.  She’s old enough that I can start to leave her to be while I pull more of my own weight around the apartment.  I’m happy that I can start feeling helpful again, but its sad that she isn’t my super dependent little baby anymore..

The family can start to have a little more routine now..

My child is definitely a “techie.”  She loves playing with the iPads, iPhones, remote controls and other electronic devices.  If it has a button, you’ll be sure she’s pressing it!

I guess it’s just the sign of the times.. and I know so many of my friends that have children that are exactly like mine..

It’s just the way it is.. and I’m sure back when we were all young, our parents thought of us the same way..

Little M knows how to unlock my phone and iPad. 

On the iPad, she knows how to unlock and pick what app she wants to use.  She sits quietly and watches her Watch Disney Jr app or plays with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally app..

It’s amazing how kids can adapt to all sorts of gadgets and gizmos.  They watch it enough from us using our “toys” that they seem to catch on so quickly!

My child is definitely not the only one iPad/iPhone savvy. 

It’s just so funny to watch this little 14 month old tapping away on the iPad. 

Of course I always put limitations on how long she can play with these “toys.”  So far the excuse, “The iPad is sleeping” is sufficient enough to get her away from it.. and I always make sure she’s playing more with her actual toys than her playing with “my” toys.. hahaha!

Kids these days…

Did I mention that hubby gave me an iPad for my birthday?

He did.

And Little M LOVES that thing. 

We have the Watch Disney Jr App and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Interactive Episode on it for her.

But she loves the front-facing camera, she loves Facetime with her grandparents..

And she loves that home button.

If given an opportunity, she LOVES pressing that button over and over again.  We have to put our finger over it to hide it so she doesn’t do so.  I’m afraid she might break the thing!

She even knows how to turn the screen on after it’s been off for awhile.. that home button!

We try to limit her use of the iPad because I know she could probably play with that thing all day. 

We definitely don’t want to be those parents that stick an iPad in front of their kid all day to prevent them from acting up or being wild..

But.. she starts to throw little fits when we take the iPad away.  She doesn’t buy the whole, “iPad is sleeping.. we gotta put it away” speech I give her.. she just throws a fit!

I know not to give into it.  I can usually distract her by singing a silly song, or showing her some of her toys.. I just don’t want her to get addicted.  She has her whole life to stare in front of a computer monitor.. why start now?

What are some ways that you incorporate the use of iPads with you toddler?

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