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Little M is a pointer..

She’s figured out how to tell people where to go.. and what she wants to touch.. and who she wants to go to..

Sometimes she uses her tiny little pointer finger.. but most times she just uses her whole hand.

It’s really cute, that is, until you dont take her to where she’s pointing.. then you really hear it from her.

She’s always been a really loud baby.  When she cried, her voice just booms through a room.  The nurses used to joke that they would see the windows shake when she would cry in the recovery room after she was born.

So.. when you dont go to where she points.. oh boy!  Our entire complex probably hears that scream..

Luckily, she is a good kid and is easily distracted by something else so the screams don’t last long.

This new form of communication does make things a lot easier between her and I. 

Gotta love that!

Six months ago, it was Labor Day weekend.  Literally.

I gave birth to my precious Little M six months ago.  Well, six months and two days ago.. but she’s been a little sick and I wasn’t able to blog exactly on her sixth month birthday.. but that’s totally besides the point.

I gave birth to my little “late-preterm” baby.  That was a nice way of saying she’s a premie, but only by a few days.. six days “premature” to be exact.  My water broke at exactly 36 weeks into my pregnancy and she was born at 36 weeks and 1 day.  Full term babies are born anytime after 37 weeks.. so.. you can see why she is still considered “preterm.”

Six months ago, she was such a tiny thing.  She left the hospital at barely five pounds, having lost some of her weight during our few days in the hospital.  It didn’t take long for her to grow into the big girl she is now. 

Before she hit two months old, her pediatrician no longer considered her a “premie.”  She found her own path on the growth curve, one that normal full-term babies followed.  In fact, she never really needed any readjustments to her growth curve to factor in her premature status.  I’ve never stopped thanking God for that.  He’s truly blessed her in so many ways and it shows everyday.

Now, six months later…

She’s loud, squirmy, curious, a little dramatic, happy, and so so funny. 

My daddy swears that she has little trampolines on her feet because she’s forever bouncing. 

She’s learned to scream and make her voice go really high.. I swear she’s a soprano! 

She loves going into her walker when she’s at her grandparents house (both sets!) because they have floors that allow her to walk around in her walker. 

She LOVES to play.  She entertains herself and also knows when mommy and daddy are playing with her. 

She can sit up on her own, but gets sooo excited about the things around her that she constantly kicks or leans so far over that she finds herself lying down again..

She’s almost crawling, her booty up in the air, she still hasn’t figured out that she needs to use her arms to pick herself up.. but she can get around regardless..

Babies, in general, never cease to amaze me.  In the short span of six months, they can go from completely helpless, to this active, mobile, talkative person!  I see it in everyone’s baby.  It’s just so amazing how fast they develop at this young age. All my friends and families babies that were born around the same time as Little M are all thriving and developing at lightning speed.  It’s so fun to watch our kids all grow up together, even if we aren’t literally all together.  We’re all very blessed with our little ones and God is truly watching over all of us.

So, Little M, when you get old enough to read this, just know that these six months have been the best six months of my and daddy’s lives.  We can’t wait for what the next 6 months have in store for us.  

And on that note.. it’s time to start brainstorming about birthday party ideas.. hee hee..

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