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M loves the holidays.

From Halloween to Christmas and New Year, she’s totally into it all.

During Halloween, she LOVED going to as many pumpkin patches as possible.  We went to three, but I’m sure she would have loved to go to more. 

She loved Halloween so much that she still will walk around with her little pumpkin and tell us she wants to go “trick or treat.”

During Christmas, she loved all the lights and the trees.  Her eyes lit up whenever she saw a house just flooded with lights and decorations.  She loved each and every Christmas tree she saw and she would wave at every Santa.  She loved when her favorite shows would do a Christmas theme.  She’d watch them over and over again.

She loved coming home to tell us to “turn Christmas on.”  Turning Christmas on meant that we had to turn the Christmas lights and Christmas tree lights on inside the apartment.  She absolutely loved it. 

She loves Christmas so much that shes STILL talking about it! 

Just yesterday, she was playing with her toys and you can hear her talking about Christmas and presents and Santa to them.  It was the cutest thing.  She’ll still ask about turning Christmas on and when we tell her that we had to put them away, she’d say, “Christmas all gone.”  We are quick to reassure her that Christmas will come again later this year and she can look forward to all the lights and trees once again. 

I’m so glad M embraces the holidays.  It will make for some wonderful memories as the years go by.

These early years of a child’s life are probably the most fun a parent can have.

I’m only saying this because all I have is a small child.. and so far, it’s been really fun!

One main reason I love being the parent of a small child is that I get to choose her Halloween costume.

She’s too young to have a preference, so I can do what I want.

Last year, we were lucky to get a Minnie Mouse costume for her birthday.  That pretty much made our minds for us.  She was Minnie Mouse for her first Halloween.

This year, I didn’t want to go out and spend money on a costume that she probably won’t remember wearing anyway.

So, I decided to be resourceful.

Dora the Explorer!

Oh, it’s easy!  Orange shorts.  Purple/Pink top.  White shoes.

She already has a Dora backpack, thanks to my cousin!  That can also double as her candy holder.  And she’s got an inflatable Boots the Monkey, thanks to my mom!

So easy!

I decided to start early.  It never fails that whenever I’m in the rush to buy a specific article of clothing, I won’t be able to find it.  So starting early meant that I had time to look for it.. poof!  I found it!  I found it all at The Children’s Place.

So, I’m done.. I just have to wait another two months for Halloween to actually happen…

Have you started planning for Halloween?


This past Halloween was Little M’s first time Trick or Treating..

Last year, she was just too young.  She was just a few days shy of being two months old and we didn’t want to take her out.. I don’t think she minded..

This year, she dressed up as Minnie Mouse, but since she isn’t fond of wearing hats or headbands, I didn’t put the mouse ears on her.  I opted to just put her hair in pigtails with cute bows.. she looked adorable.. and I’m not just saying it cuz she’s my daughter.. but.. she was really cute..

I was able to leave work early to go to the treat-or-treating at the local shopping center.  There were tons of families there and it was so cute seeing all the kids in costume! 

Little M wanted to go up to every since Cinderella she saw!  

We had her walking for a lot of it, so she got pretty tired after about halfway through the shopping center.  We ended up going home before we could finish the entire thing.  I don’t think she minded anyway. 

We went home, rested a bit, had dinner, and then went for round 2 which was around our apartments. 

About an hour into it, she fell asleep!

Poor baby, so tired from all the Halloween festivities!

Hubby and I had a lot of fun.. I had forgotten what it was like to go door to door trick-or-treating.  It brought the kid out of me again.  Hubby had fun dumping all the candy out of her little pumpkin and showing her how to sort out the candies.. it definitely brought out the kid in him, as well.

This year was a new experience for Little M.  And I’m not sure she really grasped the entire concept.  I know next year will be better.  Hopefully next year she will really understand.. and I’d love to hear her say “trick-or-treat.”


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