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Oh geez.. four weeks left.. in a few days we will be exactly 1 month away from our big day..

Time is going soo fast.  I’m getting excited.. whenever I see him I can’t believe that we’ll be husband and wife soon.. God willing.

We’re starting to look at places to live.. even though that’s really the last thing on my mind.. it doesn’t really hurt to look.. I just want to get the wedding done.. that’s my priority.

My hair is driving me crazy.. its just getting way too long.. it’s usually at this point that I make an appointment for a nice trim and restyling of the layers.. but since I need the hair for my wedding style.. which I’m still not 100% sure of what I want.. I need to keep my hair long..

I anticipate that once the wedding is done I’ll be making an appointment with my stylist and I’ll probably cut my hair considerably..

I was watching the season premier of Bones the other night on the DVR and really liked Bones’ hair cut this season.. what’s her name.. Emily Deschanel.. her hair is really cute this season.. I’m thinking of getting it cut that short!

The wedding is fast approaching.. it makes me start thinking about how much my life is going to change.. God willing.. I’ll be someone’s wife.. I’ll be leaving home.. moving to a new city.. thinking about it makes it a little overwhelming.. but knowing I have such a strong support system in my life.. and all my blessings from God.. I know that I can handle it..

There’s still so much stuff to do in wedding prep.. we’re getting our marriage license on Monday.. that’s a huge step.. it’s all coming together.. I can’t believe how fast the year is going!

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