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When I first moved to SD, I remember writing a blog post about how to manage grocery shopping, meal planning, and stuff like that..

It’s been about two years since then, and while I thought I had it under control, evidently, I don’t.

For awhile, we were buying a lot of perishables at Costco, but realized that we were throwing so much food away because it would go bad before we could make a dent in the stash..

We decided that we’d go grocery shopping for veggies and other perisables about once a week at a regular grocery store.  We’d plan what foods to make for the week and then buy accordingly.

Even THAT is proving difficult.

We were at the grocery store on Saturday.  I could NOT figure out what I wanted to make for this week.  It’s hard to decide on food ahead of time.

There are just too many options.  AND it’s hard to think about food when you aren’t hungry!

Maybe it’s because I’m a working mom, that I’m having such a hard time with this.  I just wish we could come up with a better system that doesn’t require a daily trip to the grocery store to get the veggies that I need for dinner that night.

I’m all for the freezing of cooked meals to have for future use, but since we don’t have a big freezer, we have no room for storage..

Any suggestions?!

Otherwise titled “My preggie brain on the loose.”

The following happened about an hour or so ago.. all of it is true.. sadly..

Driving in the car, I look at the time because I wasn’t aware of what time we left.. the time on the car dashboard reads 8:03.
Hubby:  That’s supposed to be 9:03
Me:  No way.. really.. we left so late!!
Checks time on cell phone.. 8:03

Me:  No!  It’s 8!
Hubby: (lauging)  YOU changed the time on my car!!!

Going aisle by aisle
Hubby:  Do you want spaghetti sauce?
Me:  For what?
Hubby: …

I’m definitely losing it.. hahaha!

Ok.. so it’s either I’m putting WAAAAY too much thought into this grocery shopping thing.. or I really have no idea what I’m doing..

Last night.. I was on the floor of our living room with flyers from Ralphs, Vons, Albersons, Sprouts, and Henry’s spread out around me.. and I was going nuts trying to figure out where to go and what had the best value and when and why.. Grrrr..

My good friends and family on Facebook gave me wonderful answers to my blog questions from “Grocery gameplan..”

This is all new to me.. and I know I’m not going to get it all right away.. but I’m the impatient type that’s used to getting things right away.. and getting things done right immediately.. I usually pride myself on being a fast learner.. but this thing is ridiculous.. it’s really taking a toll of my patience level..

So.. do you grocery store hop for the best deal?  Or do you stick to just one store?

I know that eventually I’ll get the hang of all this “wife stuff..”

I just hope I keep my sanity during the process..

This is our first full week in the apartment since we’ve moved in.. and we went to the grocery store.. A LOT! We are also still trying to figure out what our necessities are in the kitchen..

Hubby and I need to reconsider our grocery gameplan..

So.. we want to know what how everyone else handles their grocery shopping by answering a few questions… please leave your answers and advice in the comments..

1. Are you a visit the grocery store on an “as needed” basis, or do you wait for several items to become needed and do one big grocery store visit?

2.  What sort of items do you always have on hand in your kitchen, what foods/items/drinks are ALWAYS stocked in your home?  What are your necessities?

3.  What is your strategy with coupons?  Do you use them?  How do you know how and where to make the most out of them?  How do you organize them?

Please leave your answers as comments to this blog, or point me to some blogs that may have some more advice that I could look at..

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