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Something happened during the week I was home being a SAHM.

My daughter got clingy.

It was such a treat for her to wake up with me every morning for a week.

I swear I saw a smile on her face several mornings when she would open up her little eyes to greet the new day.

She also got into the habit of momentarily waking up in the early morning to sit up, change positions and look to see if I was there. 

My mom was staying in our apartment to help out this past week.

The first few mornings were exceptionally hard.  My mom would say she would wake up crying, bawling, for her “mimi.”

When she would do her little “quick” check wake up early in the morning, she’d end up crying because it wasn’t me that she would see. 

I’d be getting ready for work and hear her heartbreaking cries for me.  I’d have to go and comfort her..

She finally woke up pleasantly on Friday, but still asked for me. 

When I get home, she’d be so happy, and she literally won’t leave my side.  I can’t even be more than 3 feet away from her before she’d start crying a little bit and calling out, “mimi.”

The cutest thing is when she would look at me with bright eyes and say “mimi” like she couldn’t believe I was finally home!  Then she would look at my mom or Hubby and point, saying “mimi” like she was letting them know I was finally with her..

It was so heartbreaking knowing that she had gotten so used to me being there for an entire week and that she had a little difficulty adjusting to my going back to work..

I know she’ll get used to it again, but it was so sad to see…

It’s a new chapter of our lives for my little family and I..

After 5 months of maternity leave, I have officially gone back to work… I started yesterday and that was so hard..

The hardest part is leaving.  Granted, she’s asleep so I don’t have to face her and really say good bye.. but still..

It’s so hard to lave the warm, cozy, comfy, cuddly bed.. she usually finds herself pressed up right against me during the night and it’s so hard to break away from that..

I thought about her all day.. it was so hard not to.. I filled my work computer with pictures of her so my screen saver would just flash pictures of her.. and I changed my desktop picture to one of her.. hubby even gave me a picture frame so I can put it on my desk of her and our little family..

My coworkers, almost all working mothers, say it does get easier.. but that it is one of the most difficult things to do.. at least I’m blessed to have family watching her while we work..

I will definitely miss our mornings together and days where we don’t really do anything but hang out.. but I know that I always have the weekends.. and vacations.. and holidays..

When we all got home last night, she didn’t want to eat from anyone else but me.. she wanted me to always play with her.. and at night, curled up right next to me and put her little arm on my chest as she fell asleep.. I know she missed me just as much as I missed her..

It’s new to the both of us.. so in time, we’ll all get used to this new chapter of our family life..

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