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The story of Hansel and Gretel had been featured on both Super Why and Little Einsteins, two shows which M has been pretty obsessed with lately.

Because of this, M had been super curious about “a house made of cookies.”

I remembered what I did years ago during Christmas time when I made “gingerbread houses” using graham crackers and frosting. 

Yesterday, while I took a shower (and had some ‘me’ time), Hubby decided to let M make her “house made of cookies.”

He laid down some leftover plastic tablecloth from her many birthday parties, and they assembled the house!



M mainly loved the playing with the frosting, while Hubby loved assembling the house.


We used mini m&ms as the only decoration.  It was just enough for her, plus she LOVES mini m&ms.  Hubby said she kept eating the m&ms as he would stick them onto the house.


Because of the warmth of these summer nights, the frosting didn’t hold as well.  But you can tell in this photo that M didn’t care and that she had so much fun with the entire activity.

I can’t wait until Christmas to try this again.  Hopefully the cooler temperatures would allow the frosting would stick better.

This was a super fun activity that can get really messy, but with the proper covering, it was very manageable.  Hubby just gathered the entire plastic table cloth and tossed it all in the trash.  Everything underneath it was clean.

I highly suggest this project for any toddler.  It’s really good for anytime of the year!

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