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This Pegboard Set is found at Lakeshore Learning online.  Click here to go to the specific page on their website. 

This toy is specific for 0-18month old infants and toddlers.

We received this toy as a gift on her birthday.  When I first saw it, I wondered if Little M would like it.  There were no lights, no bells and whistles, no music…

It’s a simple toy.  A bunch of giant pegs and a pegboard base.

This simple toy is actually one of M’s favorite toys at the moment.  She loves to carry those pegs around our apartment.  She’s usually got one in each hand. 

She loves the pegs.  She likes to put the little stump of the peg in her mouth, and I don’t have to worry about it being a choking hazard since they are so big.

She also loves playing with the pegboard.  She sticks her little thumbs into the holes.  The center hole of the pegboard is an actual hole, and she likes to give it to me so I can look at her through it.  She thinks its funny and I love when she says “hi” when I see here through there.

A game Hubby and I play with her is to try to make one big tower with the pegs before she can get to it and knock it down.  She loves to knock down the towers we build. 

I recommend this toy to anyone with a toddler.  The pieces are safe.  No choking hazards.  It’s simple and kids can figure out their own fun with them.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t really come with a nice container to hold the pegs in after she’s done playing.  Pegs tend to get scattered around the apartment as she continuously carries them around where ever she goes.  That’s such a minor issue compared to the hours of fun she has with this toy.

Play on!


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