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We’ve noticed a trend in the ways M likes to eat things.

I don’t know if we subconsciously starting cutting her fruits and meats and other cutable food items this way.. but it just seems to work like a charm.

M LOVES fries.  Like mother, like daughter.  Hubby likes to think that my gorging on fries and nuggets during my pregnancy has heavily influenced M’s affinity towards these two food times.

Whatever.  It’s fine.  At least I have a friend to munch fries with.

It seems that everything we cut for her to eat has been served to her in French fry form.

Long, narrow sticks of peaches.  Long narrow slices of grapes. Long, narrow sticks of apples.

You get the picture.

You know something, it really gets her to eat whatever food is being presented to her.

I don’t know if it’s the subconscious tie in to actual French fries, or that she actually likes apples, grapes and peaches..

But at this point, whatever gets this girl to eat, I’ll gladly do!

Everyone that knows me knows that through out this pregnancy my one true love has been french fries.. mmm.. french fries.. during the first trimester.. I’d have them almost everyday just to help me not feel car sick on the drive home from work.. for the most part of the second trimester.. I just got them because they were an easy snack fix when I was hungry.. it’s such a bad habit.. I know!

Today, God decided that I needed a little wake up call.. and He wanted me to make sure that I was really starting to eat a lot more healthier and that I needed to do away with the french fries because there are way better things to snack on when I get hungry during the day..

Honestly.. I’ve been pretty good lately.. I rarely have to go and get a “fast food” fix on my way home from work in the afternoon.. I’ve been pretty good about eating fruits during my morning snack time.. and my lunches have been homemade and relatively healthy..

But today at my appointment, my doctor raised some slight concerns about my blood pressure.. which ended up an all day ordeal having to wait in the lab to get tubes of blood drawn.. I ended up not going to work because I wouldn’t have had any time to be productive had I showed up so late to work..

I got all the test results already (thanks to the Internet!) and everything is NORMAL!!  Thank God!!

I think this was just God’s little way of reminding me that I’m not doing this just for myself, but for my little girl.

I was sooo nervous taking all those blood tests.. I felt like I was failing my baby in some way by not being healthy enough for her.. after everything I’ve been doing.. I felt like I still wasn’t doing enough.. but thank God everything is still normal.. and I hope that it stays that way..

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