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I’ve been trying to find ways to save a dollar here, and a dollar there..

I still use to earn points for gift cards, preferably to Target.. if you want a referral to Mypoints.. shoot me a comment with an email address..

I also have a Target credit card that saves me 5% off of every purchase… did you know that includes Starbucks coffee and the food from the food court?!  I recently found that out.. and I think it’s awesome!

I recently discovered ibotta.  It’s a phone app that is almost like mobile coupons.  Every so often, offers pop up on certain products.  All you have to do is perform very simple tasks about the product.  It could be a simple one-question survey, or you have to watch a quick 15-second video, or you have to just read a fun fact.  Each task has a certain cent value.  Depending on the tasks, you can save up to a $1.00 off each product.

Then, you go to the store and buy the product.  They have a huge list qualifying stores, so you pretty much can’t go wrong..

It’s a little bit of work once you purchase the product, but I think it’s worth it.

Once the product is purchased, you use the app to take a picture of the receipt and scan the barcode found on the product itself.  It takes a few minutes for the transactions to approve and poof!  I get some money back!

You have to accumulate a minimum of $5 before you can have the money withdrawn into your personal Paypal account. 

Super simple!

If any of my Facebook friends read this, let me know and I’ll send you a referral link via Facebook.  If you refer a friend, you get $1 into your account.  Every friend helps! 

If anyone else has some great money-saving apps or methods, please share!  I love finding fun ways to save money!  Every little bit always helps.

Ok, I admit it.

I’m a little addicted to websites that offer points for doing things like reading emails, posting articles and printing coupons..

Lets see.. these are the following sites that I tend to frequent.  By the way, clicking the link will send you to a referral page, so if you think you want to join, click the link and I’ll get the referral! – They have various online offers.  You can shop, print coupons, play games, read emails.. all for points.  This is the one I use the most.  I’ve gotten lots of gift cards to Target from simply reading emails and doing surveys.  Even if you don’t qualify for a survey, they still give you 10 points for trying.  There is no referral link, so if you want to check it out leave me an email address in the comments and I’ll be happy to email you! – Writing articles, posting pictures and videos.. commenting on others content.  That’s what gets you points on this site.  I still haven’t figured out how they determine how many points to give but its fun reading articles.  I usually post scenery pictures so I don’t give away too much personal information, like family members and such. – This seems to be the hardest for me to get points from.  This one seems to take the most work, but I can get a few points throughout the day.  I’m not good at catching those “swagcodes” they require to earn points.  But, it’s fun to go around and look for them when you have the time.

I’m addicted to these point-accumulating sites because I love getting those gift cards!  Every little way to save money helps and those gift cards are just the way to help.  I’ve gotten lots of Target ones for our necessities and such.

If you have a little time, check it out.  And if you have any other websites, let me know and send your referral link!

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