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Why is this date so significant?

Because this was the day that Little M lashed out at me in anger.

It’s significant because its probably the official start to the “terrible” years… sigh.  I didn’t think it would come THIS soon..

For the past few weeks she’s been showing signs of tantrums and crying fits.  This especially happens when you take something away from her that she isn’t done playing with.  She will cry, kind of get on the floor and flop around in a little fit.

On November 21st, 2012, she had gone through her diaper bag and took out her bottle of fever reducer.  Obviously, she isn’t allowed to play with that so I kindly took it away from her telling her that she couldn’t play with it because its dangerous.

She was not happy.  She started crying and throwing a tantrum.  Before she can go through a major “flop on the floor” fest, I carried her so she would stop.  She takes her little hand and hits me saying, “No!”

I handed her another toy and she was quickly over the whole ordeal, but I wasn’t.

I was devastated.  I was so sad.

Hubby said, “Don’t be sad.  She’s growing up.”

It’s up to us to make sure we wrangle that sort of behavior.  I just didn’t think that we had to start worrying about it at this point of her little life.

Generally, she’s a happy kid.  She’s a good kid.  But I know that as she’s growing and becoming more aware of her surroundings and everything else around her, I know she’s going to start thinking about more things on her own.  I know she’s going to start experimenting with behaviors and seeing how far she can get away with things.  I took my child development classes in college.  I sort of remember all those things.

I honestly didn’t think this stuff was going to happen so soon..

How old was your toddler when they started showing signs of the “terrible” years?  Did it really start at “terrible two” or much sooner?

As she sucks her thumb..
Me:  What did Mimi say about your thumb?
M:  No, no tum.

Me:  Call your daddy..
M:  Joe!

When I need something from Hubby..
Me:  Hun?
M:  Hun?

When she hits her head on something..
M:  Ba!  Ba!  (As she lectures the object that hurt her)

Other words and their translations:
“Coc” = Doc (As in Doc McStuffins)
“Coc” = Clock (When she sees a watch or clock on wall)
“Boo boo boo boo” = Big book of boo-boos (As in Doc McStuffins)
“Ehhhhhhhh-mo!”  = Elmo

My little chatterbox.. gotta love her!

This Pegboard Set is found at Lakeshore Learning online.  Click here to go to the specific page on their website. 

This toy is specific for 0-18month old infants and toddlers.

We received this toy as a gift on her birthday.  When I first saw it, I wondered if Little M would like it.  There were no lights, no bells and whistles, no music…

It’s a simple toy.  A bunch of giant pegs and a pegboard base.

This simple toy is actually one of M’s favorite toys at the moment.  She loves to carry those pegs around our apartment.  She’s usually got one in each hand. 

She loves the pegs.  She likes to put the little stump of the peg in her mouth, and I don’t have to worry about it being a choking hazard since they are so big.

She also loves playing with the pegboard.  She sticks her little thumbs into the holes.  The center hole of the pegboard is an actual hole, and she likes to give it to me so I can look at her through it.  She thinks its funny and I love when she says “hi” when I see here through there.

A game Hubby and I play with her is to try to make one big tower with the pegs before she can get to it and knock it down.  She loves to knock down the towers we build. 

I recommend this toy to anyone with a toddler.  The pieces are safe.  No choking hazards.  It’s simple and kids can figure out their own fun with them.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t really come with a nice container to hold the pegs in after she’s done playing.  Pegs tend to get scattered around the apartment as she continuously carries them around where ever she goes.  That’s such a minor issue compared to the hours of fun she has with this toy.

Play on!

Well, she’s at it again.

When she was younger, she learned the word, “no.”  She used it several times, but stopped.

Now, she’s at it again.

Me:  M, come here.
M: No.

Me:  M, say (random word).
M: No.

Me:  No, no, you don’t touch that (random object).
M:  No no.. (as she continues to touch the random object).

Me:  Do you want to wear your shoes?
M:  No.  (As she lifts her foot to put the shoe on…)

I think I created a “no” monster.

At dinner..

M:  Mimi!
Me:  Yes, baby?
M:  Up?
Me:  Not yet, you have to finish your food.


M:  Mimi!
Me:  Yes, baby?
M:  Up?
Me:  Not yet, you still have to finish your food..

Finished food, but I’m busy eating mine while she’s still in her highchair.

M: Mimi?  Mimi?
Me:  ….
M:  Mimi!
Me:  …
M:  MOMMY!!!!
Me:  Yes, sweetie?
M:  UP, UP!!

So I guess she can say “mommy.”  But I totally prefer the Mimi… hee hee..

My child is definitely a “techie.”  She loves playing with the iPads, iPhones, remote controls and other electronic devices.  If it has a button, you’ll be sure she’s pressing it!

I guess it’s just the sign of the times.. and I know so many of my friends that have children that are exactly like mine..

It’s just the way it is.. and I’m sure back when we were all young, our parents thought of us the same way..

Little M knows how to unlock my phone and iPad. 

On the iPad, she knows how to unlock and pick what app she wants to use.  She sits quietly and watches her Watch Disney Jr app or plays with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally app..

It’s amazing how kids can adapt to all sorts of gadgets and gizmos.  They watch it enough from us using our “toys” that they seem to catch on so quickly!

My child is definitely not the only one iPad/iPhone savvy. 

It’s just so funny to watch this little 14 month old tapping away on the iPad. 

Of course I always put limitations on how long she can play with these “toys.”  So far the excuse, “The iPad is sleeping” is sufficient enough to get her away from it.. and I always make sure she’s playing more with her actual toys than her playing with “my” toys.. hahaha!

Kids these days…

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