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M is funny.  She’s suddenly acquired this arsenal of jokes.  I think she heard one from school and then decided to make up a bunch of them herself.

Here are a few that she loves telling.

What do you call a witch that lives on the beach?
A sandwhich!

What do you call a pig that knows karate?
Pork chop!

What do you call a fly that lives in butter?
A butterfly!

What do you call a fly that lives in fire?
A firefly!

What do you call a cone that lives in ice?
An ice cream cone!

What do you call a hopper that lives in the grass?
A grasshopper!

Her execution and enthusiasm when she tells these jokes is what makes them so funny!  She ends each joke by asking, “Get it?”  It’s very cute!

I can’t wait for her to read these jokes again when she’s older to see what a silly little preschooler she used to be.

Turning 4 1/2 has brought many changes for M.

Four and a half meant saying good bye to things that have scared her in the past.  I don’t know what brought upon this sudden surge of bravery, but she has conquered two of her major fears since she hit the half way mark of her fourth year of life.

Air blowing hand dryers
For about two years now, M had been scared of those hand dryers.  They were just too loud in public restrooms where the echo can amplify sounds so much.  If a hand dryer was the only option in the bathroom, she would just wipe her hands on me.  All of a sudden, she felt brave enough to try it, and she’s never looked back.  In fact, she enjoys it and looks for the air dryers now.

There is a ride in Legoland that bounces children up and down from up high.  It’s a kiddie ride, so it’s really not THAT high, but it does give a small sense of free fall as it bounces the children up and down.  When she rode that ride during the Brick-or-Treat in October, she was terrified!  The look on her face made me feel so bad.  I wanted to ask the operator to stop the ride early just to get her off.  Several trips to Legoland later, and she still didn’t want to ride it.  However, during Spring Break, something made her want to try that ride again.  No one asked her, she just told us she wanted to try it again.  I asked her several times as we were in line, if she wanted to back out.  I even asked her one last time as she was boarding the ride, if she wanted to back out.  Nope.  She wanted to ride it.  She had the time of her life.  She laughed and giggled and screamed in sheer delight.  She liked it so much, she rode it twice!

We’ve been so proud of watching M venture out of her comfort zone and face those fears.  I feel like she’s gradually boosting her confidence with every fear she’s tackled and it shows on her face.

I love watching this kid grow up.  I really do!

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M made a major decision for herself the other day.

M made the decision to grow out her bangs.

M has had bangs ever since her hair was long enough and thick enough for them.

To save money, this past year or so, I’ve been the one trimming her bangs in between hair cuts.

She’s been due for a bangs trim over the past few weeks, but we’ve just been too busy to do so.

This past weekend, I was planning on finally giving her hair a trim, and she finally turns to me and says,

“Mommy, I just want to grow my bangs out.”

Wow.  That came from out of no where.  It never really occurred to me that she was conscious about her hair.  I didn’t really she was old enough to think about those things.  I didn’t think that bangs were a big deal.  I’ve always had bangs, she’s always seen me with bangs, I just figured, she’d have them too.

She’s four and a half.  She’s made her first real big girl decision.  I mean, this feels bigger than deciding what shoes she’s going to wear today, or how many braids she wants in her hair (it’s usually two).

But, if you’ve read my blog over the years, you know I tend to add a lot of significance to things most people might find mundane…

It’s her decision, so I’m respecting it.

I also had to warn her that growing her bangs out is a process.  She’s going to have to wear a clip in her hair for awhile, luckily, she has an endless supply.  (Shameless plug: I make clips and sell them at my Etsy store, click here)

I also told her that it’s ok for her to change her mind.

So we’ll see how this goes.  I’m curious to see how she looks without the bangs.

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