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We did it.

We pierced K’s ears.

I did M’s ears when she was four months old.  You can read about that experience here.

I would have gotten K’s ears pierced at four months old also, but we didn’t have time.  Hubby didn’t want to be there for it either.  He didn’t want to see his little girl get hurt.  So I had to wait until the girls and I were at my mother’s house and we got K’s ears done at the same place I did M’s

I was so excited at the idea of getting her ears pierced when I knew we were going to be staying at mom’s house for awhile.

Of course, as the day of the piercing approached, I started getting more and more nervous.  I almost backed out.  No mother wants to inflict pain on their child on purpose!  But I knew that I should get her pierced since I did her older sister.  I also knew that the pain was only a quick moment and she would be fine soon after.  I also remembered feeling those same feelings of nervousness and hesitation before getting M’s ears done.

We would be fine.

And we were.

Just like her sister, K only cried for a little bit.  By the time we left the store, she was all smiles and hugs again.

For the first few days, she wouldn’t let me touch her ears for the 3x/day cleaning, but now, she is so used to it that she doesn’t flinch.

Now both my girls have their ears pierced.  I’m so glad to get that out of the way.


All those moments I can’t photograph, I want to remember them here…

  • The way she looks with her gummy mouth wide open when she wants to bite at my face. 
  • The way her little feet cross at the ankle. 
  • The way she scratches the top of her head 
  • The way she has to rub her face back and forth over anything put in front of her
  • The way she grabs at everything within her tiny arms reach 
  • The way she tries to sneak her thumb into her mouth while she drinks out of her bottle. 
  • The way she smiles as she watches her sister use the potty
  • The look she gives when she sees her sister asleep and wants to wake her. 
  • The smile she has when she reaches over to pull her sisters hair. 
  • They way she HAS to hold my fingers when drinking out of her bottle. 
  • The way she chews on her rice cereal 
  • How she’d rather be standing than anything else
  • The smile on her face when she wakes up and sees me. 
  • The sounds of frustration when she just can’t do what she intended
  • Her laugh
  • Her cry
  • The way she “claps” my hand when I say so. 
  • They way she constantly needs to roll over… and over… and over…
  • The way she purses her lips when she’s fully concentrated on a toy. 
  • Her love for the Elmo and Cookie Montster cars
  • Her love of any toy with faces
  • The way she looks at us like she’s saying, “you’re my family and I love you.”
  • The way she likes to walk on me. 
  • The happiness of being in her walker in the kitchen so she can actually move around. 
  • The way she smiles when her sister gives her attention
  • The way she smiles when her sister does something amusing. 

There’s so much more….

I wish we had someone photographing and recording every moment of our lives… Like a reality show… But just for us. 

Earlier this month, I went on a play date. It was great. My girls had little ones their age to play and mingle with. 

While I was sitting around with the other mommies with babies, it came to feeding time. 

Mommies left and right of me starting busting out the boobies. 

A little piece of me felt a little jealousy towards the breastfeeding moms. 

I wish I could just bust out the boob. I wouldn’t have to carry around an extra bag with bottles, liners, water and formula. 

Oh the convenience!!

It made me wish my body cooperated better. I did what I could, for both my girls, to try to produce more. My breasts just didn’t cooperate. I guess it happens to some women, me included. 

When picturing motherhood, I always thought I’d be breastfeeding for at least 6months to a year. All my cousins were great producers of milk. I thought I would be too. 

My daughters thrived on formula. K is growing leaps and bounds on formula. I have no complaints. 

Seeing others so easily breastfeed does spark a bit of disappointment in myself and a little jealousy. 

But, I know I’m doing the best for my children.  And I’m definitely not the only mother that has gone through this and has had these same feelings. 

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