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On July 5th, we were on our way to the beach.

I was buying food for our beach day when I first felt that first little bubble of fluid. I didn’t think it was significant, so I didn’t say anything. About 10 minutes later, I felt another bubble of fluid. That second bubble felt bigger than the first so I said something. My mother told me to look at what it was.

It was blood.

So instead of going to the beach that morning, the entire family spent the day at the emergency room.

Ultrasounds and blood tests showed us that the baby was fine. My hormone levels are fine. Everything was fine.

What caused the bleed was a pocket of blood found between my uterine wall and the sac that the baby is living in. They call this a subchrionic hemmorage.

Fortunately, it’s a pretty common occurrence and can hopefully resolve itself over time.

Unfortunately for me, my hemmorage is on the large side. When they first found it, the hemmorage was about 6cm long. The doctors suspect the bleeding and spotting would continue for some time.

Since then, I have been on modified bedrest. I’m allowed to stand up and walk to the bathroom. I’m allowed to stand up long enough to cook as long as the spotting is minimal. If the spotting gets heavier, I need to refrain from being on my feet.

Because of this, I’ve been off of work. My inlaws watch M and I during the day whole Hubby works.

I am also now considered a high risk pregnancy and see the doctor every 3 weeks.

I am now in my second trimester. I have about six months of pregnancy to go.

Who knew this pregnancy was going to be so challenging??


At 10 weeks, I’m still suffering from morning sickness.  I’ve had a few good days, but it’s mainly been yucky.

Nausea.  Fatigue. 

It’s my life right now. 

I have been dealing with a sore throat for the past few days.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday and it so happens that I have a small ulcer on the back of my right tonsil.  The doctor said it’s a viral infection that should go away.  I asked the doctor if the baby would be affected and he said that the baby is very protected right now so there shouldn’t be a problem.  Thank God!  Already, I am feel that my throat is on the mend.  It hasn’t been hurting as much.

I’m counting down the days until my second trimester comes. 

I don’t know how much more of these pregnancy symptoms I can take!

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At 9 weeks, I’m so ready for this first trimester to be over.  I’m hoping that this is the peak of morning sickness.  I’m hoping that all the first trimester symptoms are going downhill from here.

Nausea.  Fatigue.   Mood swings.   Bloating, oh the bloating…

I know I shouldn’t complain because I really wanted this.  I think I just forgot how yucky the first trimester really feels. 

With M’s pregnancy, I remember the nausea.  I remember being constantly car sick, even when I would drive.  I don’t remember the fatigue.  I keep telling Hubby that I don’t remember being this tired and lazy, but he says I was.

I’m sure there are a lot of things I forgot from M’s pregnancy that I’m experiencing with this pregnancy.

I can’t wait until I’m out of the first trimester and all it’s yucky symptoms.  I’m so ready for the second trimester!  I really can’t come soon enough.

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So.. with the end of my first trimester just days away.. I’ve noticed that my nausea is pretty much gone.. and I don’t go home and plop on the couch right away..

My energy level isn’t 100% what it used to be.. but I definitely see a change. 

With that said.. hubby is ready to start exercising with me again.. Ok.. not major cardio.. I’m not training for any marathons any time soon.. but I figure that I really should get back to getting active again.. even if it’s just walking on a treadmill for 15 – 30  minutes..

So.. after work.. we are going to add whatever needs to be added to the crockpot for dinner.. and then go to the little gym in our apartment and he can run and I will walk..

If I don’t make myself make the time to do this.. I will let the laziness take over and I will never get it done..

Now that it’s written on the blog.. I have to hold myself to it.. it’s all about the credibility.. Hee hee..

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