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As Little M gets older, she is becoming a lot more aware of her surroundings.  She’s starting to understand a lot of what goes on around her.  She has feelings about what she sees, hears, feels, eats.. etc.

This also means that she is starting to develop fears and anxieties to things that never seemed to bother her before..

For instance, she absolutely freaks out over the Jack In The Box commercial of Jack and his employee playing racketball.. she hates seeing the guy get hit in the back with the ball.. or maybe it’s Jack’s giant head.. I’m not sure what scares her, but she runs to me the instant that commercial starts.  We have to change the channel while it’s playing.  Luckily, it looks like that commercial is out of rotation for many channels now..

She suddenly developed a fear for one of the television personalities on The Filipino Channel.  He’s a guy that usually wears this wig that makes his hair look big, and he announces what’s going on in the Filipino communities around the world.  I’m not quite sure what she doesn’t like about it.. but suddenly she doesn’t like seeing him on TV.

A few nights ago, I wanted her to pick up one of her toys on the ground near the TV.  She saw some wierd commercial and was so hesitant to go near the TV.  It lasted for awhile.  She would point at the TV saying, “no, no!”  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but I didn’t force her to get her toy.  I just let her sit in my lap until the anxiety went away.

There are also certain features on some of her toys that cause her a tiny bit of fear.  Suddenly she’ll run to me if her toy makes a certain sound she is unsure of. 

Sometimes it’s a sound that an object makes that Hubby or I are using. 

I know it’s part of her learning about the world and how to deal emotionally with her surroundings.  I just hate seeing my baby feel like that.  I’m glad that a big hug and kiss can usually make that fear go away for her.  I’m hoping that throughout her life that she knows she can always come to me for comfort for all her anxieties in life.

Little M came home on Monday from Grandma’s house with a fever. 

I gave her fever reducer when she got home.  That night, she had another fever which I gave her fever reducer for at 2am.

With her, that’s usually a pattern she goes through when she gets an ear infection.

So, I went home from work on Tuesday in order to keep an eye on her and take her to the doctor to make sure she doesn’t have an ear infection. 

The last time we went to the doctors office was last month for her second set of 12month vaccinations.  I had them split so that it wouldn’t be so bad..

She was absolutely miserable. She cried so hard.  I had never heard or seen her cry so hard in her life.  I felt awful that I put her through all of it, but I had to..

Taking her in on Tuesday, I didn’t think she would remember that experience.  Over a month had passed and I was sure that it wouldn’t be a huge deal.


She was fine up until the nurse called her in.  It was the same nurse that gave her all of her shots, and I was surprised that she recognized her.

I had a few things to hold so I was hoping that M would walk into the room, but as soon as she saw the lady, she wanted me to carry her right away.

Her face changed immediately into a face of pure nerves and fear.

Poor girl.

She didn’t cry out loud.. she just got really teary eyed and had that little cry-pout.  The whole time the nurse was checking her vitals, she was saying “mimi! mimi!” like she thought I was going to leave her.

She held on to me sooo tight.  All I could say was “I’m here.  I’m not going to leave you.”  I just held her so tight back.  It was the only thing I could think of to comfort her.

She didn’t want to be touched by the nurses or the doctor.  She just thought this was bad news all around.

Poor baby.  I didn’t realize how traumatizing the previous experience was for her..

Thank God, she didn’t have an ear infection and she didn’t have a fever for the rest of the day.. it was just a 24 hour bug that came and went quickly.

M has her 15month well-baby check up in about a week and a half.  I feel terrible about it.  She’s going to get shots and it’s just going to perpetuate her fear..

How did you handle your child’s fear of doctors, or just fears, in general?


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