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‘Tis the end of August and what do I find..
My loving, dear boyfriend pre-occupied..
Fantasy football.. that time of the year..
Where all of our men just disappear..

Yes.. it’s that time of the year again.. Fantasy Football..

Yesterday, the boyfriend had the first of a series of drafts for various leagues he swears he’s going to be a part of this year..

Last year was the first time I experienced being a “football widow” and a “fantasy football widow..”

It wasn’t BAD.. but it wasn’t FUN either.. every Saturday night.. he’d be on his laptop looking up stats.. reading up on players.. staying up super late doing whatever Fantasy Football players do the day before a game..

Then on Sundays.. he’s like.. attached to his cell phone.. then attached to his lap top.. and then attached to the TV..

Conversations consisted of me talking and him merely saying, “uh huh..”

It took awhile to get used to.. this is the first boyfriend I’ve ever had that was THIS invested in the football season.. but I survived the first year.. and I think I can survive this year.. and the subsequent years to come..

I just figure… that when he’s busy pre-occupying himself with Fantasy Football stuff.. that’s the perfect opportunity to just go out and shop.. he’d never know the difference!

A good friend of mine from college pointed me to this website.. it’s for all the Fantasy Sports widows out there..

Women Against Fantasy Sports

It’s like a support group for all of us widows out there.. could you imagine.. and we aren’t even married?!?!?

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