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Lately, hubby and I have been playing “Guess that body part!” with the baby in my belly.. she’s been moving and pushing so much that sometimes we think we can figure out body parts.. hubby gets really excited about his “daddy’s little girl.”

Talks into belly..

Hubby:  Hi baby!  Remember when you were just a blob?!  Now you’ve got bones and you are distinguishable..
Me:  Hahah..
Hubby: (Towards belly.) You’re a baby now!  (Juggles tummy.)  You’re a little baby!!!!

A blob to a baby… gotta love the hubby for summing up the miracle of life so simply!

We had a very busy weekend this past weekend.. and we are anticipating the following weekend to be just as busy..

Saturday was hubby’s graduation for his MBA program.  He’s officially done with school and I was such a proud wifey..

I was also a very forgetful wifey.. forgetting to bring a camera and having to depend on my camera phone instead.. thank God for thoughtful friends that brought their camera to take some great shots of hubby on stage getting sashed and recieving his diploma.. I swear.. I had everything planned out on what to take.. grr..

I hope that my forgetfulness is just the baby sucking up all my smarts and retaining it.. so that the baby will come out smart and thoughtful.. I’m willing to sacrifice my brain power for my child.. haha..

Sunday was Church.. then a baseball game.. then a movie.

It was a great little date day for hubby and I.. we need days like that.. especially with time dwindling down before our little princess comes.. I think he and I really need to make some time for each other these last four months.. not that it’s all gonna end when she’s born.. but that it will be a little harder to find some “us” time..

I’ve been trying to make note of some of the things hubby says in order to add to my “Things my husbands says” series.. but darn my memory.. I always forget!  I need to start recording him..

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