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I’m finding it hard to find it time to exercise.  I know tons of fit moms out there can do it.  I’m not saying it’s impossible.  I’m just saying that I’m having a hard time trying to fit it into my own daily routine.

Hubby and I are currently challenging ourselves to doing about 30 pushups a day for the month of February.  If I quit, which I have been known to do in our past challenges, I will have to go back to work… I don’t plan on it, so I plan on sticking to our challenge.  Going back to work?  Well, I will get to that later..

I’m still in the process of figuring out what Fitbit to buy…

Another method of exercise is to just do what my toddler does.  If she’s dancing and jumping around during one of her television show theme songs, then I’m dancing and jumping around.  If she wants to run around the room for awhile, I’m running around the room with her for awhile.  Why not?  Toddlers have a lot of energy and know how to burn calories on a daily basis.

Since I can’t find solid time for exercise, this is the best I can do.. and I’m going to make the most of it..


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Toddlers have great abs.

They can lift their legs straight up into the air without any effort. 

They have so much control over their ab muscles, it makes me almost jealous.  Almost. 

So, my plan?

Follow my toddler!

It’s a great game to play with M AND a small work out at the same time.

Toddlers can’t keep still.. I think that’s why no matter how much my little girl eats, she doesn’t gain much weight.. oh, to have that problem again!

So, what I’ve been doing lately is following her lead.  If she wants to crawl around the apartment, I’ll crawl too!  If she wants to run around, I will too.  If she wants to march up and down the hall, so will I!  If she wants to turn on her tip toes, then you’ll find me doing the same.

When we lie down, she loves when I copy her.  She’ll lift up her legs, I lift up my legs.  She’ll send them crashing down on the bed, I’ll send them crashing down on the bed.  I think she likes that the most because my legs make the bed shake. 

It’s a great little way to get some cardio AND bond with M.

It’s the toddler workout.. maybe I should patent that..

I love the summer. 

The days are so much longer.  There is more time to go out after work and still feel like I’m enjoying the day. 

It’s wonderful.

Hubby and I took up walking during these long summer afternoons.

It’s great.

The neighborhood above our apartment complex is a long loop that consists of two pretty hefty hills.  The first time we did it, I was dying.  My shins had no idea what they were up for.  My legs felt like jello and I had to literally lean against the shower wall afterwards because my legs decided they didn’t want to work after that.

Earlier this week, we decided to walk Miramar Lake.. I think that’s what it’s called. 


It’s it beautiful?!

The entire walk would have been about 5 miles, but because we had M with us, we decided to not do the entire walk around.  We did a brisk 15 minute walk in one direction, then turned around and did another 15 minute walk back, then leisurely walked around to discover more of the other side of the area…

Luckily, M was asleep, so I wasn’t too concerned about her being bored while we walked.

These walks are great.  Hubby and I get some time together AND I’m doing some sort of physical activity..

But the sweating?!  Ew.

So, I have a confession to make.

Remember back in February when I said that I was going to run a mile every two days for this year?


That lasted a month!

What happened was that I got pretty under the weather and stopped.. and it’s been soooo hard to get back on track.

I know.. excuses, excuses..

So.. I thought it was ok… I really wanted to concentrate on my scrapbooking and cardmaking that I felt like I really had NO time to incorporate the run..

Plus.. I’ve never really like running.. so it was easy for me to just tell myself to skip it..

I told myself that as long as I kept my weight the same (143lbs) that I can work on my diet and slowly get the weight down that way..

I ended up gaining 4 lbs.. now at my heaviest lately, I’ve been 147lbs. 


I need to do something.. and take it seriously this time..

But, because of all this “fitness goals of the year” thing, I learned a bit about myself.

I learned that I DON”T like exercise.  I don’t like running.  I don’t like anything that really makes me burn and sweat.  Sorry, but it’s the truth.  I. Don’t. Like. Exercise.

I liked pilates, but with the limited amount of space per class, it was hard to schedule myself in because I would schedule far in advance, then something would happen and I’d have to cancel last minute and lose the class…

I LOVE yoga.. but only with a class and those places are pretty pricey.. AND the class times don’t fit my desired schedule..

I’m not a runner.. I’m not a weights lifting type person.. I’m just not into it.. no matter how much I try to convince myself that I need to do this.. I dislike it that much to really push myself to do it..

God’s honest truth.

I also learned that I can’t look at things as a “year-long” goal.  Huge goals like this overwhelm me.. not only in exercise, but in pretty much everything I do.  Goals are “too big” for me.. especially if I set them as “all year” type things.. I can’t look at things in the “big picture.”  It overwhelms me and I just give up.

That’s just me.

So… I juggle my fitness and exercise the same way I juggle my craft projects.  I will break them down into small do-able tasks.. one day at a time..

The mentality of “today I will do….” makes things much easier for me to accomplish.. and I don’t feel so overwhelmed..

I decided to start on my diet.  Once I got the food intake back on track, the exercise would slowly make it’s way back in.

I start small. 

Last Friday’s goal was “Today, I will have a salad for lunch,” and I did.

Today, I will NOT get a fancy Starbucks coffee.  I will drink from home with my sugar-free hazelnut creamer. 

My “fitness challenge” wasn’t in vain.. although I failed physically, I learned a lot about myself and I can now adjust my life to fit my mentality more.  I think that this will fair a lot better than what I tried to do for myself in February.

I finished my first week of Pilates.  I took 2 Level 1 classes.  Tuesday and Thursday.

I have to say that I really do love it.

My personal trainer kicked my bootie just as much as pilates does, but I seem to like pilates much better.

This kind of work out just seems “prettier” to me.  I can’t explain it. 

Pilates just seems more feminine than running a treadmill and pulling on cords..

But in our pilates class we work with springs.. and a apparatus called a Reformer.. just feels more girly too me.. I don’t know.. don’t ask me to explain..

I found new muscles that have never seemed to be used before.. like in arms and inner thighs.. I thought my trainer had woken up every muscle.. but looks like some of them missed that wake up call. 

I leave that class feeling like jelly, but in a total good way.

I’m re-energized, motivated, and excited for next week’s set of classes.   I can’t wait to try some Level 2 classes.  Maybe after another class or two..

It’s great to find a form of excerise you actually enjoy.  Then it doesn’t feel like a chore.  I felt that way about yoga a few years ago.  I found myself at that yoga studio 3-4 times a week because I liked it so much.

Now, with a child, I’ll have to limit that to maybe 2-3 times a week depending on my schedule. 

I’m so glad Groupon offered this class.  I would have never known that there was a Pilates studio so close to home. 

I can’t wait to start seeing the results too!

Last year, the gym next door to my workplace offered free memberships to those of us that work here.. unfortunately, I was prego with Little M and having a gym workout didn’t feel like it was something that I could do while I had a big ol’ belly..

This year, I asked if they still offered it, and they did!

So two days ago, I joined the gym.

Then yesterday, I signed up for personal training.  Yes.  Personal training.

Now I have no excuse.  I have someone really pushing me to do what I need to do. 

I signed up for two months, twice a week.  I figure she can get me started on a workout routine, and then after two months, I can do things on my own. 

I just really need to develop that “work out” habit again.  I used to have it years ago when I used to spend 3-4 times a week at the local yoga studio.  Then, I started trying to run using my parents treadmill, and that was going well until I injured my knee.

I really need to lose this baby weight and get back into shape.  It’s just so hard for me to get started.  It’s always that initial step that is the hardest.

But this time, no more excuses.  I have deadline.. I want to be ready for the summer.. I want to look good by June.  No more excuses.

My starting weight is still 158lbs.  I want to get down to about 125lbs.  That’s 33lbs.

I start Monday. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Ok.. so I had started this whole “weight loss accountability” stuff after I had Little M and then never returned to it.. so much for “accountability.”

I had wanted to be able to wear my pre-prego jeans before I returned to work.. that didn’t happen..

I wanted my weight to be below 130 lbs before I returned to work.. that didn’t happen..

But it’s happening now. 

Ok.. so I had to buy a couple pairs of jeans before I went to work.  I thought I’d be a ridiculously insane size.. but I was really only a 12 at American Eagle.. and a 10 at Target.. not my best sizes.. but I DID just have a baby, right?

The great thing is.. I already am too small for my size 12 American Eagle jeans.. go me!

My weight has been toggling between 156-159.. depending on the day and how much I ate the night before.. that’s better than being stuck at 160.. but I’d still like to see it go down and STAY down..

I wanted to join the local Bar Method where I live.. but.. I’d rather NOT spend money.. AND we have a little gym in our apartment complex.. I should just make full use of that!

So… I started running again.  I started last weekend.. and ran once this week.  I plan on running again today..

I figure I’ll start slow.  I takes me about 20 minutes to jog/walk a mile.. so lets just do a small 20 minute run.. my goal is to see how far I go in 20 minutes.. then when I can do about two miles (maybe) in 20 minutes.. I’ll start working on lengthening the times of my run..

After the run, I play around on some of the exercise equiptment to work on my arms and tummy..

There’s no actual logic to my system.. but it just works for me to stay motiviated..

The hardest part is really getting started.. right?

So.. I weighed in today at 157.4.. ugh. 

My goal is to look decent before the big family trip in June…

Remind me to keep you all posted.

Yesterday I wrote about some dancey class thing that I was going to try out as a form of exercise that was offered by the hospital I go to..  to go back and read that.. click here..

It’s a Zumba Fitness class.  Now I have kinda heard of this Zumba stuff.. it’s aerobics based on Latin dances such as the Cha-cha and other fast moving type styles..

I liked it.  My mom and I signed up for 8 more classes.   Eight more classes at only $5 each.  It’s a lot cheaper than enrolling in a gym.  We also get the aerobic exercise that we need.

So.. I’ve got eight classes.. we’re just going to take this a little bit at a time.. my current committment is eight classes.. that’s four weeks going twice a week.. I can do that.. it’s just a small.. easily attainable committment..

And then we’ll see where we go from there..

Cheers to losing some weight and gaining some exercise.. OT will be soo proud!

In an attempt to start getting into shape.. and lose some weight before my high school reunion (in March!).. I decided to try out this dancey kinda class that’s being offered by Kaiser Permanente.. the hospital I go to..

The first class is free.. so I’m going to go try it out.. for free..

I used to dance.. ballet, tap, and jazz.  I danced for about six years.  From the time I was nine years old.. until I was a stupid teenager “in love” at sixteen…

I quit dance because a boyfriend told me I was spending too much time in the studio and not enough time with him.. stupid me..

I miss dancing and I think I could have gotten pretty far into it have I not quit..

But everything happens for a reason and God only knows why I quit.. and God has blessed me with other life decisions anyway.. so I honestly can’t complain much..

I’m not going to make any promises about sticking to this new exercise opportunity.. I’m just going to go and see how I like it.. and then come back if I feel like it’s something I can commit to..

Yay me!

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