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When Hubby and I became engaged back in 2010, I swore it was a day that I’ll never forget.

Of course I haven’t forgotten the actual moment.  I haven’t forgotten where we were, what he said, how he looked, how I felt.. you know.. all the important details.

I also swore to myself that I’d never forget the day..

But here we are, January 8th and I hadn’t remembered until this past weekend.

Hubby proposed to me on January 2nd, 2010 and it totally slipped my mind this year.

The only reason I remembered was because Hubby was updating his Facebook timeline with some important information and he asked me what year he proposed.  He should remember too, right?

I just thought that important dates like that would stick with me forever.  The memory of the day hasn’t left my mind, but I figured neither would the date… but it did!

I know life gets hectic and things get overlooked, but I hope to always remember those important moments in my life.

Thank God for reminders!


Yesterday, Joe and I took our engagement shots..

I spent the weekend in San Diego so we could take them at Balboa Park.. I thought it was amazing.. there were so many places to take some beautiful pictures..

We had so much fun taking them, I can’t wait to see the final results.

Every time we accomplish something “wedding..” it feels weird.. not bad wierd.. just wierd.

It’s like the wedding and the marriage become more and more and more real.. it’s exciting and I’m sure every bride before me has felt the same way.. it’s like the wedding and the marriage hasn’t fully sunken into my brain yet.  I’m excited.. but I don’t know if it’s all actually hit me yet..

Time is ticking.. and soon enough.. it will all hit me like a ton of bricks.. how exciting!

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