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Today is my 14th week of pregnancy..

That means.. hello, second trimester!!

Well.. that went fast.. seems like only yesterday that I pee’d on a stick and two lines came up. 

But here we are, baby.  You’re 14 weeks old in my tummy.. growing in leaps and bounds.. we still can’t wait to meet you!

I can’t wait to start feeling the little one kick and move and respond to our voices. 

I’ve been walking.. maybe not as often as I should.. because I did start feeling a little sick again earlier this week.  But it looks to be a fleeting phase because my nausea has let up again and my energy when I get home is pretty decent. 

I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, but at the same time it feels like time is just flying so fast.

We have an ultrasound in May to get a good look at the baby and to see if we can determine the sex.  When we scheduled it, it seemed like ages away.. but I can’t believe it’s going to be NEXT month..

Keep growing healthy and strong, little one!  We love you!

So.. with the end of my first trimester just days away.. I’ve noticed that my nausea is pretty much gone.. and I don’t go home and plop on the couch right away..

My energy level isn’t 100% what it used to be.. but I definitely see a change. 

With that said.. hubby is ready to start exercising with me again.. Ok.. not major cardio.. I’m not training for any marathons any time soon.. but I figure that I really should get back to getting active again.. even if it’s just walking on a treadmill for 15 – 30  minutes..

So.. after work.. we are going to add whatever needs to be added to the crockpot for dinner.. and then go to the little gym in our apartment and he can run and I will walk..

If I don’t make myself make the time to do this.. I will let the laziness take over and I will never get it done..

Now that it’s written on the blog.. I have to hold myself to it.. it’s all about the credibility.. Hee hee..

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