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It’s the last month of the year… I can’t believe how fast 2012 has been going.

It’s true that life does go by faster with children.  If I think about how life was one year ago today, it’s amazing how much has happened..

A year ago today, I was still on maternity leave.  I loved being on maternity leave.  I loved being home with M. 

I was was planning her baptism, which was a few days away..

She was just a lump of baby.. kicking her legs.. rolling to her side.. smiling..

She would stay where you left her.  She didn’t care that there was a laptop in front of her when we video chatted with her grandparents.  She didn’t have to touch everything.  I didn’t need to chase her.

I remember wondering when those days were going to start..

Now.. she’s a toddler and sometimes all I want for her to do is to not feel the need to touch everything!  Hahah.. she’s exploring and learning, but sometimes I just want to stop hearing myself say, “No, no.  Don’t touch.  That’s dangerous.”

In a year’s time, she’s learned to roll, crawl, walk, eat solid foods, talk, and use the potty.

All in just a year’s time.

One year.

Now 2012 is coming to a close and 2013 is on it’s way. 

Maybe I should have saved this for my annual “end of the year” post…


I’m in a complaining mood, but I have decided not to give into it.

Instead, I’d like to talk about my goals for the rest of the year.. in “list-form..”

I have more the exceeded my initial goal for Disneyland visits, and I have done my fair share of Vegas vacations this year.  I’ve gone to the beach.. I’ve had fun this year.. and now that we are counting down to the end of the year (crazy.. I know!).. it’s time to set some goals, plans, promises.. and/or resolutions for this last half..

1.  I promise not to stress out on Christmas gifts this year.  Every year is the same problem.. I never know what I am going to get various people in my life and I start to stress out just thinking about it.. I’m a terrible gift-giver.. I’d rather people just tell me what they want.. it’s so much easier that way.. I can never figure out what people want or like..

2.  I want to go to snow this year. I would love to go up to the mountains and go to the snow.. of course.. being Southern California.. the snow usually comes in January – March of the following year.. but you understand what I’m trying to say..

3.  I want to go to Disneyland (and take the boyfriend) during the holiday season.  To me.. Disneyland is at it’s best when it’s all decked out for the holidays.. it’s a must-go.. so I must take him!

4.  My girlfriends and I have to get together for the Xmas gift exchange BEFORE Christmas!  We always buy each other Christmas presents.. but our busy schedules always cause us to get together and give them to each other after Christmas.. sometimes.. several months after.. like.. in APRIL!! 

5.  I will not get suckered into singing something during the cold winter months.  I get so stressed out when I have to sing during the winter.. cold air makes it hard to hit the high notes.. and then I’m so susceptible to getting sick during the winter.. I know I say I will not get suckered into it.. but I know I probably will.. I can never turn down an opportunity to sing..

There  you go.. my list of five things to hold myself responsible for… for the end of the year..

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