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Ok.. so something happened within the last few weeks and it’s been almost impossible to get M to use her Elmo potty..

She was doing so well, keeping a diaper dry for most of the day..

But suddenly.. it stopped after her whole constipation issue.. since then it has been absolutely impossible to get her on the potty.

It got to the point where she would actually kind of whine and cry every time I tried to sit her down on it. 

I would cater to her little whim of removing all her clothes when she would sit on the potty.. but no success.. 

I figured it was because she was watching a video or playing a game, so I would physically show her that I would pause the video or put her toy to the side so that she would know it was waiting for her to come back.. no success.. 

Then.. I tried something.. 

I decided to take the potty OUT of the bathroom and into the living room.. maybe a change of scenery would help.. 

And it did!

I don’t know why I tried a different room.. and in hindsight, I should have just tried to use the other bathroom.. but I was desperate and took the potty to the closest area I could find..

We started it this weekend and it’s actually worked well.. she’s told me several times that she’s wanted to go potty to poop.. and we’ve been pretty successful about catching her before she wets her diaper..

I’m going to slowly move the potty back towards the bathroom, but I will make it a slow process to make sure she gets used to the potty again..

Has anyone else done this?? 

I promise that I will not let her go to the potty in the living room if anyone is over to visit.. hee hee!

Who ever said potty training was a test of patience wasn’t joking!

This potty training thing is difficult..

I guess you can say that I’m not training her in the sense that she has to be out of diapers by a certain time.  I’ve been taking my time with her and letting her own nature take it’s course.  So far she’s been progressing fairly well.. and granted there are good days and bad days.. for the most part.. it’s all been good.

I haven’t taken her out of diapers yet.  She’s only 19 months!  I know we aren’t ready for that step.

But I have to say, there are days where we won’t have to change her PullUp until the lining inside gets all bunchy and outta place.

Over the weekend, she wore her Pull Up from 11pm til about 2:30pm the next day!  That’s over 12 hours of using the potty!

She’s really progressing on her own, and I’m glad that it’s a “no pressure” situation for her and all of us.

It DOES take a toll on me..

While I welcome in whole-heartedly, she will wake up slightly into the night and ask to potty.  I’m a girl that LOVES her sleep, so having to get up in the middle of the night to take a half-asleep kid to the potty just kills me a little bit.  But I know that I shouldn’t hinder her progress and I just give up as one of the many mommy sacrifices I must make in my life.

M’s also starting to be very vocal about her needs.. which is great.  She lets us know that she has to go even when we are out running errands.

I’ve taken to bringing a portable potty, but she’s still not used to it.  I’ve tried to sit her on the adult potties and holding her carefully, but she’s too scared.  I’ve tried to bring her Elmo potty with us on the road, but there’s too much distraction sitting on her potty in the trunk of our SUV..

She won’t go when we are out, but then she’ll also hold it in as long as she can until we go home.  She’ll even beg to go home because she needs “potty.”   I feel so bad that I tell her it’s ok to go in her diaper.. but sometimes she just won’t go.  Poor baby holds it in til we get home..

The travel potty and bringing her Elmo just won’t work right now because she’s still at the stage where she needs all the conditions to be “just right.”  I know eventually she’ll get over it and learn to go in whatever potty is presented to her, but it’s just a frustrating process for her and I together.  I wish there was a way that she could go potty outside the home in the receptacles I provide her…

Last Sunday, we went to Mass.  I don’t think I sat in for half of it because most of the time we were outside on her Elmo potty in the back of our SUV.  She really had to go but just couldn’t do it.  She had fallen asleep and missed out on our lunch… it seemed like hours and hours.. once we got home, I put her on her potty and she did her business.  She held it in for so so long.  I can’t help but feel bad.

How did you do the whole potty training thing when they had to go outside the house but just couldn’t do it?  Suggestions?

The events of The Elmo Adventure have been occuring every night since that first time.  But last night seemed to have reached its pinnacle point.

By 11:00pm, the whole family was in bed and M began to ask for Elmo and the potty.  By this point at night, she had already gone twice.  She had only pee’d on one of those visits.

I started to suspect that she only wanted to go there to play around and wash her hands and stall going to bed.  So I told her that Elmo and the potty was sleeping and she needed to sleep too.

She wasn’t having that at all.

She cried.. and cried.. and cried.. it was a tantrum cry, complete with the whole scream/cry/hyperventilation.. the works. 

It wasn’t a violent temper with kicking and flailing.  It was more like a “please let me go to the potty and wash my hands, I don’t understand why you won’t take me” kind of desperate cry. 

I didn’t lose my patience.  I stayed calm.  It’s easy for me to stay calm during these situtations because she really isn’t blatantly misbehaving.  I talked to her calmly.  I tried to sit her up, carry her and walk her around the room, or take her in the hallway to calm her down.  She still wasn’t having it.

Through her desperate cries I can make out the words potty, hands, Elmo and please.  She really wanted to go..

So a few things entered my mind:

Is she doing this because she really DOES have to go?  Is she just stalling?  What if she needs to go and I’m hindering her training?  Am I spoiling her if I take her there again?

By this point, she’s pretty much inconsolable.. poor thing.

So I took her to the potty, but I didn’t take her diaper off and didn’t sit her on the potty.  I just took her there and told her that Elmo and her potty needed to sleep and that she can say “good night” to it.  I thought if she got that sort of “closure,” that she would calm down. 

Nope.  She stood still despite her tears because she wanted me to take her diaper off to sit on the potty.

So, I did. 

She finally started to calm down a little bit and I thought our night was finally over.

Then she started getting hysterical again because she wanted to wash her hands. 

So I stood her up on the stool and turned the water on.  I ran her hands through the water and also washed her face because she was so full of tears.

She stopped crying hysterically, but because she cried so hard, it was difficult for her to stop completely.   She was still a worked up and tense.

I took her into our living room and sat her on the recliner.  She noticed her iPad and was beginning to work herself up again.  She was so upset.

So I decided to give her the iPad in the hopes of letting her have a few minutes of playtime to calm her down.  It was a rough time us to deal with all the crying, so I could imagine how rough it was on her.  It would be had to get to sleep after being worked up so hard, so I figure a little down time on the iPad would help.

Well, it did.

Within the first 5 minutes, I noticed a more relaxed M.  So I let her play for about 10 more minutes before I told her that it was time to sleep.  I was soooo nervous that the waterworks were going to begin again, but thankfully, they didn’t.

I gave her some milk and then she hugs my arm.  She falls asleep in an instant.

This all ended at 12:30am.

It was a pretty rough night, and I handled it the best way I could.  Thankfully, I didn’t lose my cool or get mad at her or the situation.  I think if my emotions rang high, things could have been so much worse. 

What would you have done in this situation?  What would you do to prevent something like this from happening again?  Is this “potty thing” of hers just a phase?  How do I get her to understand that she can’t just go and sit on the potty repeatedly before going to bed?  Do you really think she has to go, or it’s just a whim of hers right now?

I’d love some answers to these parenting questions!  Please leave them in the comments section!

Since we started Little M on her potty learning process, she’s gone pee-pee twice and poo-poo once in her little Elmo potty.

I consider that major successes in her little journey of potty learning.

I’m fully aware that she has no control over her bodily functions at this early in the game, but I like the fact that I am introducing her to the idea of doing her business in a potty and not in her diaper.  

There is no pressure for her to gain the control of her functions just yet.  

I take her to the potty when she wakes up in the morning, or when she wakes up from her naps.  I also take her when she shows her signs of wanting to poop. 

I know this won’t mean she’ll be fully potty trained in a week.  I know that actual potty training can take a lot of time and patience.  

But I’m very proud of her little potty successes over the past weekend.  My baby girl is definitely growing up!

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