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Every night, it seems like a battle.

Every night, it’s getting harder and harder.

Every night, it’s a question of will she or won’t she?

Every night, it makes me a little anxious and stressed out.

Dinner time.  Yes, dinner time.

M used to be a great eater.  She ate anything you put in a bowl and into her mouth.  She would eat a lot too.  She had the greatest appetite.

Ok, so she still has a great appetite, and when she likes what she’s eating, she’s a great eater..

But the reign of the pickiness is totally beginning.. sixteen months and she’s telling me what she wants to eat..

When did she get a mind of her own?

The other night, Hubby brought some food from his parents house.  I haven’t been cooking lately so I can finish the Save The Dates for my friend. 

It was good food, yummy filipino food. 

M wasn’t having it.

She’d either keep her mouth completely shut and turn away from me, or I’d get it in her mouth and she’d immediately push it out with her tongue.

So frustrating, but there was no changing her mind.  I tried everything. I tried to pretend feed her little princess toy that was with her, I tried to pretend-feed Elmo, I tried to pretend-feed the Fresh Beat Band she was watching on TV.


Thank God for frozen bags of peas and hot dogs..

We quickly heated and chopped up a hot dog, cooked up some frozen peas.. and she LOVED it!

She ate almost all of it..

I asked my mom about whether I should be doing that, or make her eat what we initially had.  She said that at this age, I should just cater.  I guess she has a point.  She’s a little too young to realize what I’m doing, but smart enough to know what she wants and doesn’t. 

All I know is that she can’t live off hot dogs and peas.. so I need to figure out more foods to cook that I know she will like..

Any suggestions and/or recipies?!

Little M has been wanting to assert more independence lately.

She’s been wanting to feed herself more and more. 

We can’t really get through a meal if she doesn’t have her own spoon in her hand.  She wants to be a part of the feeding festivities.  The more she practices, the better she’s actually getting.  For the most part, it really depends on the food she’s eating, but she can actually get a piece of food onto her spoon and carry it to her mouth without spilling.

She gets so proud of herself when she does it!  I love that look of accomplishment she gets on her face.

She even tries to feed me or hubby.  I think it’s because she sees us feeding her all the time with a spoon that she feels the need to reciprocate the action.  I love it.  Such a sweet girl!

Feeding herself is messy.  I’ve taken to laying a cut-open trash bag underneath her highchair to catch the food she drops.  It’s also a pain to clean it off her lap, and her clothes usually go straight to the hamper.

It would be so much easier to just feed her and keep things clean.

But she’s learning.  She’s exploring and developing this new skill.  I can’t get mad at the spilled food.  It’s part of her learning process. 

I just make sure she isn’t spilling the food on purpose, or waving her spoon around carelessly.  I’ve also had to teach her that she shouldn’t bang her spoon against her plates.  While the sound may be fun to hear, it makes a mess and it could be dangerous if she hits herself or someone else in the process..

I’m so proud at what this little girl has accomplished.  She’ll be 15 months tomorrow and she’s done so much in so little time.

My baby is growing up so fast..

Little M has discovered the art of playing pretend.

She pretends she’s eating something.. either off the floor, out of her hand, out of my hand, or out of a picture..

It’s actually really cute to see.

At first, we thought she was actually eating something and I’d have to go in and try to fish something out of her mouth.  After watching her a few times, we noticed that she really wasn’t taking anything into her mouth, just making the actions of eating..

I had no idea the act of pretending came on so early in toddlers.  I thought that was something they did as they got older, like at age 3 or more..

She has a picture of a little animal family eating dinner at a dinner table and she loves to eat off of the table in the picture.  Sometimes, she likes to have her actual puff snacks on the picture table so she can really eat off of it.  What a silly girl.

The other day, she figured out how to pretend feed me!  Now she “gets” food from a picture, or her toy box and walks over to me and says “ahh ahh” and puts her fingers in my mouth.

I’m absolutely loving this age!

Little M’s new thing is to feed herself while she’s being fed.

She started this when we were at a restaurant one night for dinner.  I was feeding her food and a little bit fell onto the table.  She quickly picked it up and put it in her mouth.  She then wanted to pick foods off of mine or Hubby’s plates.

So, I cut up a bit of the veggies, and set it on a plate for her and she proceeded to eat the veggies while I fed her food.

We tried this again the next day with a plate of rice.

She LOVES feeding herself and she stayed quiet and focused the entire time. 

What’s great is that she continued to eat what was being spoon-fed to her at the same time.

The clean up is a bit of a pain.  Hubby and I found ourselves on the floors of restaurants picking up after Little M’s little messes.  But it’s worth it to know that she’s start to show some independence.  And it’s sooo cute to watch her eat.

Ok.. I have a problem..

I like fruit.. but I most enjoy my fruit in smoothie form.. from Jamba Juice or from Juice It Up.. or any other smoothie place.. but we all know that the most healthiest form of fruit is to just eat it naturally..

That’s where my problem gets in the way..

I like my food free of any wierd blemish.. therefore.. my fruit has to be IMMACULATE.. I’m serious.. there cannot be a bruise or a brown spot.. or a dent or any other mark on it..

I think that’s why I enjoy processed foods so much.. they are all automated to look perfect each time..

Natural foods come with natural marks and blemishes..

I can deal with mushy fruit.. I can’t deal with ripened or over-ripened fruit..

When I buy fruit, I have a two day window to eat it.. anything after two days goes to the hubby to eat.  I think that’s why when we go shopping for fruit, I buy no more than three pieces.. because I know if I buy more.. they will go to waste once the bruises and the soft spots come in. 

Yesterday.. hubby bought a new package of strawberries..

Hubby:  I’m gonna make you a kiwi-strawberry fruit salad
Me:  Ok.. but the strawberries are all old and icky now (“old and icky” means past two days old)
Hubby:  I bought a new package
Me:  Ok.. make sure you get the perfect ones.. I had to throw out some last time cuz they had soft spots..
Hubby:  YOU choose the strawberries..

Out of the entire package of strawberries.. I found 5 that were up to standard.. FIVE.. and that was a big package..

Another issue I have with fruit is that it has to be sour.. I’m not big on super sweet fruit.. I like sour fruit.. sour and hard.. especially with mango.. I LOVE mango.. but it has to be hard and sour and sooo not ripe..

I know I have major issues.. it makes it soo hard to eat fruit on a daily basis..

I’m going to try not to teach my daughter to have my fruit habit.. so that it doesn’t limit her fruit intake.. I’ll let hubby teach her his fruit eating ways..

I eat.  I eat way too much.

I’m hungry all the time.. and I really should be grazing a lot more than what I’m doing now..

Which is.. wait til I’m starving.. and let my eyes do the eating before my mouth does.. that leads to piling my plate with too much food.. then getting way too full by the the time I only ate half of it.. but feeling guilty for taking it all.. and just eating it all anyway..

:::breathe.. breathe:::

Did that sentence even make sense?!

Anyway.. I’m lying on my couch.. laptop in lap.. stuffed..

Hubby brought home Hawaiian BBQ because I asked him to cook dinner.. he opted to just buy dinner.. I was too tired from being really busy at work to have to deal with kitchen stuff.. so at least he did his part and provided dinner.. Gotta love the hubby..

I really need to get off the couch and clean up some stuff.. but the food.. and the growing kiddo inside me.. are weighing me down.. big time!  At five months.. I can’t imagine how weighed down I will feel at 8 or 9 months.. Eek!

It’s hard to be a grazer during the week.. being at work makes it hard to just take those small frequent feedings..

I just need to learn to stop eating with my eyes first.. such a hard habit to break..

Now.. I think I’ll get some ice cream.. mmm..

I’m hungry.. I’m always hungry.. I’m like a bottomless pit of hungryness..

My starved state leads to over-eating.. I eat too much that I’m about to burst at the seams.. I eat so much that I get scared that I might be squishing my baby with my overloaded stomach.. that’s probably not true.. but that’s what it feels like..

I over-eat.. but then about two hours later..

Hubby:  Are you hungry?
Me:  Ya.. I could eat..

And they cycle starts all over again..

Feed me.

So.. picture this.. hubby and I are at a wake for a good friend that experienced a death in the family.  We’re in the refreshments area.. and there is a pot of warm soup.. of course.. being constantly hungry.. I make hubby go get me a bowl..

Expecting a small bowl with moderate amount of soup.. he comes back with it filled to the brim..

I ate it.. ALL..

So.. we’re in the car and we have the following conversation.

Hubby:  Wow.. that soup was really good.
Me:  Oh my gosh.. did you want some?
Hubby:  I got a lot..
Me:  Ya.. and I thought we were gonna share but you made no signal to share.. so I ate it..
Hubby: …
Me:  Great, you make me look like an oinker in front of {insert name}.
Hubby:  Oh.. ya.. I made you look like the oinker..

Sometimes, hubby is right. 


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