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These early years of a child’s life are probably the most fun a parent can have.

I’m only saying this because all I have is a small child.. and so far, it’s been really fun!

One main reason I love being the parent of a small child is that I get to choose her Halloween costume.

She’s too young to have a preference, so I can do what I want.

Last year, we were lucky to get a Minnie Mouse costume for her birthday.  That pretty much made our minds for us.  She was Minnie Mouse for her first Halloween.

This year, I didn’t want to go out and spend money on a costume that she probably won’t remember wearing anyway.

So, I decided to be resourceful.

Dora the Explorer!

Oh, it’s easy!  Orange shorts.  Purple/Pink top.  White shoes.

She already has a Dora backpack, thanks to my cousin!  That can also double as her candy holder.  And she’s got an inflatable Boots the Monkey, thanks to my mom!

So easy!

I decided to start early.  It never fails that whenever I’m in the rush to buy a specific article of clothing, I won’t be able to find it.  So starting early meant that I had time to look for it.. poof!  I found it!  I found it all at The Children’s Place.

So, I’m done.. I just have to wait another two months for Halloween to actually happen…

Have you started planning for Halloween?



I borrowed Dora The Explorer: Valentines for Everyone from the library.

Since M LOVES Dora, I figured that she would totally enjoy this book.

I was right!

This book is such a fun little treat. There are several flaps per page that your toddler can open and find a cute surpise. If your child is familiar with Dora and her friends, your child will enjoy opening a flap and finding Tico, Benny, or Issa hiding behind them!

The book is made for Valentines Day. The book goes through a little adventure to get to Abuela’s house to give her a Valentine.

My daughter loves to open the door to find Abuela hiding on the other side. She knocks on the door and tries to open the door by the knob, but since it’s just a picture, I had to teach her how to properly open the flap.

This is a board book that will endure the wear and tear of a toddler. However, the flaps are made of heavy paper, but can be easily ripped, so be careful.

I recommend this book for any Dora the Explorer lover!

Click the link above to be directed to the book’s Amazon page.

M still loves Dora the Explorer.. and since she was about 15 months, maybe earlier, she’s known the names of every character..

This blog entry is purely for record-keeping.  I love the way she says their names, and I needed a place to record this..

Why not this blog?

The italics are her words..

Doh-wa (Dora)
Boot (Boots)
Pack (Backpack)
Map (Map)
Tico (Tico) – which can also mean “tickle” depending on the context of her saying it..
Ban-nay (Benny)
Eye-sa (Isa the Iguana) – it was Ee-nah at first, but I think it was because of the word “iguana”
Toll (Troll)
Mom and Dad (Dora’s parents)
Ahw-mahn (Swiper) – she calls him “aw man!” because thats what he says when he gets caught about to swipe something
Chi-gun (Big Red Chicken) – or any chicken for that matter
Day-ee-go (Diego)

I think I got everyone.. I really should get some audio for this.. I love baby talk!

Toddlers and crayons…

M has discover the art of coloring.. I had given her some crayons from Crayola that were meant for little ones.  They were crayons encapsuled in some sort of animal holder.  It was meant for little hands that can’t grasp thin crayons just yet.

She seemed to outgrow those pretty quickly.  I knew when I saw her figure out how to remove the crayon from the holder and proceed to color with the crayon alone..

Anyway, we are at my parents house this week and we bought her a huge Dora the Explorer coloring book from Costco, or Cah-co, according to M.

I found some Crayola crayons in an old drawer at my parents house.  I think we had those when we were younger, and I’m surprised they’ve held this long.. but I’m glad we have them!

M LOVES it.  She’s coloring some of my brothers old canvases and discarded art projects.. like you see here..


Yes, that’s my little girl. Yes, those are stickers on her face.

But she’s also starting to venture beyond the pages and art supplies..

So far, she’s colored (or attempted to color) the following:

  • Bottom of the TV
  • A door
  • The coffee table
  • The treadmill
  • A wall behind the TV
  • The floor
  • The couch
  • A kitchen appliance stored away in the closet
  • The cat

She walks around with the crayon like that guy from Psycho held his knife.. all I can think of is that “eee, eee, eee” sound as she walks around looking for her next crayon victim.

I know she’s just exploring, experimenting and discovering.. I just hope that my parents house survives this whole new world of color..


A few days ago, on Facebook and Instagram, I posted about finding little Dora the Explorer stickers everywhere.  Then, the other day, I took a picture of Little M’s arm all covered up in Dora the Explorer stickers.

That girl loves stickers, and she loves Dora The Explorer.  Obviously, she’s CRAZY about these Dora The Explorer stickers her grandmother (my mother) gave her for Christmas.

What’s with kids and stickers?!

I totally remember playing with stickers. 

I remember using those stickers that came with VHS tapes (remember those?!) that helped label the display side of the tape.

The great thing about having a little brother was that he was my canvas for all the stickers I would place.  We have lots of pictures of him as a toddler covered in stickers.  Yes, that was MY doing.

So, that picture of M with the stickers all over her arm?!  Yes, that also was MY doing.

But the stickers all over the bathroom?  That was ALL her!

I am Little M’s human iPod.

I sing whatever song she wants me to sing at the drop of a dime.  This usually happens in the car…

Sing the Doc McStuffins theme song

Sing the Dora the Explorer theme song

Sing the Map song from Dora the Explorer

Sing the Backpack song from Dora the Explorer

Sing the Cinderella song from Sofia the First

Me:  Does Boots (from Dora the Explorer) have a song?
M:  Nooooooo..

It’s a good thing I really study the songs to know the lyrics.. I can’t wait til she can sing with me, or better yet, sing the songs to me!

Little M is obsessed.

She’s obsessed with Dora the Explorer..

Me:  M, what do you want to watch?
M:  Doh-wah.

She’ll take the remote control while Hubby and I are watching television, press a few buttons and say:  “I wat doh-wah.”

That could be interpreted as “I want Dora” or “I watch Dora.”  You decide.

She LOVES her Dora.

So to compromise, we’ve been having her watch one or two episodes on Netflix some night before bed.  It helps her unwind and settle down after playing around all day.  On nights where we don’t let her watch Dora, she makes us read her little Dora book that we had purchased on a whim one trip to Costco.  Thank goodness for that whim, it’s become her favorite book!

Oh Dora, what have you done to my kid?!

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