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Stuck on a dinner idea?  We’ve been looking to Pinterest for some inspiration.

Sometimes, before we go grocery shopping, I will scour Pinterest for some meal ideas.  We take inventory on the types of meats we have in the freezer, and I just do a search for those types of meals.

We seem to have tons of chicken in our fridge.  I don’t know how we accumulated so much chicken, but we have it.  So we decided we needed to use it.

I went on Pinterest and pinned these two recipes.

Untitled Untitled

These two recipes were perfect for our family.  They were quick and flavors were good enough for M to enjoy.

Now, when I find a recipe, I have a difficult time following them precisely, unless I’m baking.

So when I find a recipe, I tend to just take the “idea” of the meal and make it my own.

For the Chicken Asparagus Lemon Stir Fry, we didn’t have any lemon juice, so I didn’t use it.  I also added mushrooms with the asparagus.  The recipe called for a certain amount of ginger, but I decided to lessen it because I didn’t want it to be too harsh for M.  However, I did make sure that we got the hint of a ginger flavor in the dish.  I would like to try it with lemon juice eventually.  I just have to remember to buy some next time I want to make this dish.  My version of the dish was M and Hubby approved, but I would love to kick up the ginger flavor eventually.

For the Honey Soy Baked Chicken Thighs, we found this recipe last minute.  The recipe states to marinate the chicken thighs overnight in the marinade, but since this was a last minute find, we only let the chicken sit in the marinade for about 10-20 minutes before we cooked them.  In this case, we saw the ingredients and just added them all to taste.  We didn’t even look at the measurements.  We wanted a good balance of the sweet from the honey and the salt from the soy sauce, and I think we found it.  The chicken smelled so good and it was most definitely M approved.  Next time we do this, we would like to let the chicken marinate overnight.

So basically, we use the Pinterest pins as more of an inspiration than a definitive recipe.  It helps give me a better idea of what to buy during our weekly grocery trips.  Sometimes, I pin a recipe that inspires me to create something completely different from the pin.  It’s all about inspiration.

How do you handle Pinterest meals?

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Bedrest is a funny thing.

I know, I know.. I’ve also said it isn’t easy, click here to find out why..

Not being able to do much makes me want to do SO MUCH!

Pinterest isn’t helping either.

I’ve found myself browsing Pinterest on a daily basis.  If it isn’t for dinner ideas, it’s baking ideas.  And if it isn’t that, I’ve been browsing sewing projects.

I’m constantly pinning projects, meals, baked goods… it’s maddening how much I want to try!

Poor Hubby.  While he’s at work, he gets all these texts from me about things we need in the kitchen or craft room that would allow me to complete these Pinterest projects.  My current request: An oven-safe skillet to make a chicken and mushroom dinner.

When Pinterest first came out, I went crazy.  I had so many boards and so many pins.  Then I abandoned it.  It got to be ridiculous.  I knew I wasn’t going to try any of those things I pinned, so I just stopped.

Then, a few months ago, while I was still working, I went through my Pinterest account and deleted a lot of my boards and pins.  I figured I would start all over eventually.

I guess now is that time.  I’m a lot more picky about what I pin.  I want it to be a more realistic source of ideas for me.  I really check through each potential pin to make sure it’s something that I can really make, or at least try making.  I also pin things that I can easily modify to suit my family better, such as recipes.

When I become more functional (aka: off bedrest, or baby is born, which ever comes first), I plan on working on the things I’ve pinned AND possibly blogging about the experience.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a looooooong time, but being a working mom just didn’t allow me the time.  I hope once I find some normalcy after the baby is born, I can finally do something like this.

Are you still Pinterest-obsessed, or has the hyped died down?

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