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I had my follow-up appointment with my OB-GYN yesterday… I can’t believe it’s been six weeks or so since I’ve given birth.. nor can I believe how much Little M has changed in the past six weeks or so..

Thank God everything has healed well and I can resume life as I was pre-prego!

That means that I can start working out and working on losing this baby weight.. I just might be able to fit into pre-prego pants before I have to go back to work!

In the spirit of accountability, I am hoping to track my progress on my blog.. no pictures.. just written updates.. hee hee.

Today I weighted in at 158lbs.  My goal is to get under 130lbs.  That means I have 28lbs to lose..

I’m going to try to get some actual exercise in.  I have the kettleball my mom bought, and I found some easy, beginner ab exercises in an issue of Fit Pregnancy I found at the hospital…

Maybe tomorrow I’ll work on hitting up the treadmill again.. slowly..

I also get a pretty good workout carrying my little one.. and swaying around to calm her..

If only I can stop watching and craving sweets.. it’s definitely a hard habit to break..

Blueberry Crepe

Image by Premshree Pillai via Flickr

Denny’s does it right.. they have the nutritional facts of each of the foods they offer in a separate menu located at your table. Islands is the same way..

IHOP does it all wrong, wrong, wrong..

Mom and I were sitting at Denny’s one day for dinner where we both decided to order the tilapia ranchero dish.. I see the nutritional value menu on the side of the table and this is the conversation that follows:

Me: Ooh, let’s see the nutritional value of what we ordered.
Mom: No.. I don’t want to find out that its got too many calories for our own good.  We won’t want to eat it.
Me:  Oh my goodness, you’re so right.  IHOP totally ruined it for me putting the calories next to their foods.
Mom: Yup.  Now you feel guilty eating something because it’s got thousands of calories.
Me: I know!  I can never eat their yummy crepes anymore because it’s got a bajillion calories.  And it’s not like I eat it all the time.. but it’s so disheartening to know how many calories that thing has.
Mom: So don’t look up our food here.  I don’t want to feel guilty.
Me:  True.  I want to stay ignorant.

Mom and I aren’t calorie counters.  But we do watch what we eat and occasionally splurge with the sweets in moderation.. but it’s so hard to allow ourselves to splurge when we see how many calories in a dish.. its so hard to get over seeing one meal being over one thousand calories.. and that’s just for breakfast!

So.. IHOP.. if you ever want me to splurge on a crepe.. especially the one with the lingonberry butter.. please remove the calorie count.. I don’t mind being kept in the dark.. I think the ignorance is bliss..

Thank you.

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