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Yesterday, I talked about how I have the Xbox hooked up again and how I’m using it to help with my weight loss.

I wish I were using it more than I currently am.

I have the game Dance Central 2.  I purchased it around the time I gave birth to M for the same weight losing reason.  I remember Hubby sitting M on his lap while I danced around in our old apartment.

Now, he’s holding K on his lap while M is dancing right next to me.

It’s super cute watching M following the dance moves with her own toddler interpretations… super cute.

Dance Central 2 has a weight loss setting.  So far, I’m using the Easy Mode.  It’s eight songs with easy dance moves.  I thought it was going to a breeze.


It was pretty tiring.  Eight songs and the dance moves weren’t too complicated, but I was pretty tired by the third song.  I think it has a lot to do with living sedentary for almost a year due to the bedrest.

It’s the best kind of exercise can think of at this moment.  I’m at home.  I’m with the kids.  I’m playing games.  I’m dancing.  It’s the perfect workout for me.

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