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UntitledGotta love little sisters.

K adores M.  There are times when K just watches whatever M is doing.  She just observes her big sisters actions.  Then suddenly, she’s trying to do the same thing.

It could be a small action.  M was touching her tooth one morning.  K was just observing.  Suddenly, K starts touching her touching her tooth in the exact same way M was.

It could be big actions.  M was jumping around and dancing to a song on the television.  Without any hesitation, K got up, jumped and danced around like her sister.

K learned how to ‘freeze dance’ just by playing with her sister.  We use the songs already loaded on our electronic keyboard.  When I turn the volume all the way down, the dancers freeze.  When the music comes back up, they dance.  It’s so funny watching the girls ‘freeze dance’ because K usually follows whatever frozen pose M finds herself in.  It’s very cute.

That picture above?  That’s at Costco.  M was leaning forward and kicking the shopping card behind her.  It took K awhile to figure out how to drape herself over the cart handle.  I had to show her to put her arms over to prevent her from hitting her head on the cart.  However, once she got it, she was trying her best to get her little feet and legs to reach that back of the cart like her sister.

Gotta love little sisters!

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Me: M, did you poo poo?
M: Puh, puh.

Me: M, look!  It’s Superman!
M: Maaaaaaaaan

Me: (sings) “Just like a rock star, hey hey hey!”
M: Eeey, eey-eey

Me: Say ‘hi’ to Grandma!
M: Ah-ma-ma

Me:  M, you have boogers.
M: Ah-boo-gah

Me:  No, no, no!
M:  Nah, nah..

Me:  You want Goldfish?
M: Pssshhh…

Me: (sings) Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-ii-ee-ii-oooooo
M: Eeeee-ooooh…

Gotta love how she’s starting to mimic the last word of a lot of the things I say.. it’s so cute! 

This really is such a fun age!

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