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Things have been a bit chaotic in the household lately.

M caught some sort of bug.  Maybe it was a bug, maybe it was all the smoke from the fires, see here.  What ever it was left her all phlegmy and coughing.  It triggered asthma and I took her into the doctor on Monday.  Sure enough, asthma.  She was put on her breathing treatments for most of Monday and I was on watch for Tuesday.  Luckily, all the breathing treatments she did Monday were enough to make her better on Tuesday.

She still has a little bit of a productive cough, but it happens rarely now and I’m sure it’s on it’s way out.

I had a short work week of just Wednesday and Thursday, but even those two short days were full of stuff.

Today, I have the day off.

I know the blog posts have been a little sparse this month, but I’m trying my best.

It’s life.. right?

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Last week was a tough week.  M caught a stomach bug, then later on in the week, I caught it.

Talk about rough. 

 M didn’t seem to be as affected as I was, but I think that was because youth was on her side.

On Friday, when the bug finally caught me, I was floored.  I spent so much time trying to fight a respiratory cold, I was totally unprepared for this stomach bug! 

I kept M with me, attempted to work from home when I had spurts of energy, napped when I could, tried to be a mother..

That was  a hard balance. 

Friday was definitely rough.

But because I gave in to the illness, I rested when I needed to.  Because I rested as much as I could, I felt so much better waking up on Saturday. 

By Sunday, I was able to start eating normal people food and I felt great! 

By the way, I lost 5 lbs! 


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As a parent, there are tons of gross things that we all have to deal with.

Getting pee’d on.
Cleaning up leaking pee.
Poop that falls out of a diaper.
Poop explosions.
Oozing poop.
Chewed up food.

I can tolerate all of those things, except vomit.  I can’t do vomit.

Yesterday, M vomited.  Not only was it just vomit, it was projectile vomit.  It was almost “The Exorcist” like, projectile vomit.  It had range.  It was substance.  It had smell.

Ugh.  The smell.

I can’t do the vomit smell.  I makes me want to vomit too!

I’m so glad I hadn’t eaten dinner yet when this occured. 

Of course, she was sitting on my lap the whole time this vomit-fest occurred, so we were both pretty much soaked in grossness.

Even SHE thought it was gross.  She would shake hands and whine to get all the ickiness off of her.  So disgusting.

Toddlers do a lot of disgusting things that appear to be very normal to them.  If a toddler thinks it’s disgusting, then it MUST be disgusting. 

M and I both jumped into the shower immediately and I let me iron-stomached Hubby take care of the clean up.  Thank God for my Hubby.  He’s always willing to deal with the vomit. 

I think M finally caught the bug that’s been going around lately.  That bug I’ve been so desperately trying to fight has finally caught up to us.  I’m still not 100% better, and she’s starting to have fevers. 

Poor kid.  This year has just been one virus after another.

Will it ever end?

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It started on Monday.  It was a little scratch in my throat.  I fought it and fought it until I couldn’t fight it anymore.

By Tuesday night, I was not feeling good anymore.  I was tired and my throat was painful. 

I tried to just work through it all.  I tried to still be the normal mommy, but it hurt to even talk.

By 9 o’clock, I decided to just call it a night.

God bless Hubby for trying his best to keep M from bothering me in our bedroom.  He tried to keep the bedroom door closed, but she knows how to open doors now. 

She probably isn’t used to seeing me sleeping so early.  She probably isn’t used to me trying to keep my distance from her too.  She was all about snuggling up to me.  I did my best to turn my head away from her so I wouldn’t breathe on her.

It was sad.  I had to explain to her that I wasn’t feeling too well and that I didn’t want her to get sick either.  I think she understood.  She would say, “Mimi, sick.”

Thankfully, Hubby was able to keep her busy and I was able to get some rest.  I woke up this morning much more refreshed.  My throat doesn’t hurt as much anymore, but it’s still not 100% better. 

I’m hoping that I can get one more good night’s rest tonight.  It seems to be working.

I just hope M doesn’t catch it. 

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For several years now,  Hubby and I relied on that green bulb to suck the snot out of a congested M.  I’ve seen the various articles and photos of what was actually inside one of those bulbs, but just never knew of any alternative. 

Considering I have a background in bacteriology, you would think that I would have gotten rid of that bulb ages ago.  It just worked so well for us that I shrugged it off. 

As M got older, nostrils got bigger and that bulb just wasn’t working as well. 

Enter Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator.


Basically, the red piece goes in your mouth, the blue piece goes into M’s nose, and you suck.

It’s gross.  The idea of using this item as some sort of straw for my child’s snot is disgusting.  Thoughts of unintentionally ingesting mucus would fill my mind before I even attempted to use this.  Hubby already made it very clear that he wasn’t going to use it.

So I “man’d up” and just did it.  I had heard so many great things about this that I just had to do it.  Other mothers were assuring me there was no snot eating, and it was very effective. 

There is a sponge filter at the top of the blue piece where the tubing connects.  That is easily removed and cleaned as needed.   The package comes with two of those filters and more replacement filters are available for purchase.

It’s definitely NOT as gross as I thought.  The mucus never really gets past the tip of the apparatus and it’s very effective.  The trick is to find that perfect amout of “sucking pressure” for lack of a better term.  If you suck too hard, your toddler will get very uncomfortable.  If you don’t suck enough, nothing will come out. 

I find the gross part (for me) is the condensation that accumulates in the tube as I’m sucking in the snot and blowing it out into a tissue.  I am not a fan of accidentally sucking back in my own condensate.  Luckily, it doesn’t really happen, but it does gross me out. 

Cleaning the blue piece and the sponge filter is easy.  Run it under warm water with a little soap and air dry.  Cleaning and drying the clear tubing is a little challenging.  Lying the tubing flat to air dry didn’t really allow the water that collected inside to dry out completely within a day.  We had to figure out a way to set it vertically in order for that excess water to drain for me to use it again. 

Overall, I’m very happy with this snotsucker.  It’s a more sanitary method of aspirating without the mystery of what’s growing inside.  Everything is safe to clean and it’s really not as gross as it sounds. 
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