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I need new jeans.  I’m still wearing my maternity jeans around, but because they have been through two pregnancies, everything has been stretched out and the no longer really fit.

When I was pregnant with M, I think I wore these maternity jeans until about the time I went back to work.

I tried to go to Target to buy some jeans about two or three weeks after I gave birth to K.  I had NO idea what size I was.

It’s not a great feeling trying to figure out what size I was.  I didn’t want to grab a size that was too small because that would just make me feel terrible.  So, I went with what I though was too big.

Size 14.

I went into the dressing room afraid that it still might be too small.

Surprisingly, it fit.  Perfectly.

Secretly, I was hoping they would be too big.

Nope.  They fit.

At my smallest, I was a size 2.  My usual pre-prego jean size is normally around size 7 to size 9, depending on brand.

So, for now, I’m a size 14.  What seemed encouraging to me was that I was a comfortable size 14.  It wasn’t a size 14 that I had to squeeze myself into.  I was a size 14 with a little bit of room but still too big to be a smaller size.

I didn’t buy the jeans.  I probably should, but I didn’t.  I don’t know why.  I just didn’t.

Maybe I’ll buy some next month…

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