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It started on Christmas Eve Eve, December 23rd.

The entire night before, I was feeling contractions and pressure.   In those last few days, I had been feeling it them a lot before bed.  But that night was off and on throughout the night.  Several times, I was tempted to wake Hubby up and call L&D, but the contractions would space out and the pressure would subside.

However, during the day of the 23rd, I just didn’t feel like myself.  I felt heavier than usual.  I was contracting during the day, even though the frequency and intensity didn’t change much.  The pressure was lingering all day.

I told Hubby to try to come home as early as he could because I definitely wasn’t feeling good at all.

I decided to call L&D to ask if these feelings were normal or if I had to come in.  L&D decided they wanted me to come in.

When we arrived at L&D, my contractions had stopped, but the pressure was still lingering.  I still felt overall heavy and not like myself.

The OB checked my cervix and saw that I was already 3cm dialated.  They kept me in the hospital for about three hours to see if anything was progressing.

I was worried.  I didn’t want anything to happen that day because I didn’t want M to miss out on all the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities.  I was looking forward to setting a plate of cookies, brownies, or rice crispy treats near the fireplace.  I was looking forward to waiting for M to fall asleep so Hubby and I could sneak downstairs and eat all the goodies to make it look like Santa showed up.  I was looking forward to bringing M downstairs the next morning to see all the presents and what Santa left her.  I didn’t want to give birth just yet.

Luckily, when the doctor came to check me about three hours later (yes, THREE HOURS later!!!), my cervix did not progress any further and I was allowed to go home.

We were able to do all the Christmas things with M and we were able to enjoy all the Christmas fun before K made her appearance into the world…

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