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It’s that time of Christmas cards arriving in the mail..

So she’s sitting on the floor with a pile of Christmas cards.  I thought she was looking at the pictures and cards..

Always be weary when your child is quiet.. I’m learning that the hard way..

I look over and she’s got an envelope in her mouth.  She tears a piece and it ends up in her mouth.

I run to try to open her mouth to get it and she tightens her jaw so tightly that I can’t get it open without the possibility of hurting her. 

While I’m trying to get her mouth open, I can see a small smile forming on her lips and she begins to giggle a little bit.

This is funny to her?!

Luckily the laugh loosens her jaw and I was able to take the paper out..

I wasn’t so lucky with another piece of envelope.. as I was trying to open her mouth, I saw her swallow it down. 

The look on her face when she swallowed it was pretty funny.  She was a little surprised that she did that herself..


What’s she gonna try to eat next?!

Usually I post anything to do with crafting on my crafting blog, CutieQCardsnCrafts, but this isn’t just a craft post.  It’s a mommy post as well..

This year, I had decided that I was going to go all “artsy, craftsy” this year with Christmas gifts..

Initially, I wanted to make families sets of greeting cards.. not only is it a great heartfelt gift, it also saves money.. yay!

However, I dropped the ball on that.  I should have started WAAAAAAAY earlier.

Then, I wanted to make my own Christmas cards to mail out. 

But that’s too much.  I usually send out about 100 cards.. and I have NO time for that unless I started early.. like January..

So, thanks to Pinterest, I compromised with myself and decided to just be all fancy-schmancy with the wrapping..

And to me, fancy-schmancy just means, that postal package wrapping paper, a bunch of stamps, and handmade tags..

I also decided to make my own gift card holder cards and money holder cards…

So far, I’ve wrapped a few gifts and made most of the card holder cards.. but sheesh.. who knew this would be so time consuming.

It’s bad enough that I spend a good amount of my day at work, I also come home and have to do mommy things..

It’s at this point of my life that I realize that motherhood is very time consuming.. and being a working mother is like working two jobs.. It’ very tiring and leaves you with very little spare time..

I know one of these years, M will be old enough that I don’t have to make sure she isn’t getting into anything harmful, or that she won’t be looking for me every second of the day.. and I know that when that happens, I will totally miss those days that she was young and needed me..

But, during Christmas time, Mommy needs a little spare time.. it’s not too much to ask for, is it?!

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