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Once hubby and I became parents, it’s like we joined this club.

“First Time Parents With Small Children Club”

No special badge or handshake.  Just bringing the child is indication of membership. 

Last week, Hubby, M and I were at our local pho restaurant when we saw a father with his toddler daughter having dinner.

It was like the signaling beacon went off and we all felt the need to make contact with our fellow club member.

Throughout the dinner, we’d exchange glances between the father and Hubby and I.  That familiar smile of, “I totally know what you’re going through” during that evening’s dinner battle solidified the bond we had with this father.  Glances were even exchanged between our daughter and his daughter, as if they knew, “Our parents are new at this, lets make things as interesting as possible!”

By the end of dinner, a connection was made and contact was established.

Father:  How old’s your little one?
Me:  Sixteen months, yours?
Father: Nineteen months..

Initial contact always begins with asking how old your child is.  It’s like verifying that you truly belong in the club..  AND it seems like you aren’t truly in the club unless you address your child’s age by MONTHS, not years..

Next form of contact establishes sympathy toward both parties. 

Father:  Oh, they are close in age.
Me:  Yup.. same age, same mess…
Father:  Tell me about it!

Once sympathies have been established, it’s time to get the kids involved..

Me:  Look M, baby!

Contact between both girls.. check and check!

Finally, the questions are asked.  I think this part of the conversation helps parties know that they aren’t the only one dealing with the trials and triumphs of raising a child.. a toddler in our situation..

Father:  Is your daughter persistent?  Like, if she wants something, she will ask and ask and ask and ask until she gets it?
Me and hubby:  Oh yes!  They want it on their time!
Father:  That gets to me sometimes.  I’m in the middle of taking care of something else, I can get to it when I can..
Me and hubby:  Oh we know the feeling..

This affirmation is followed by a quick laugh.. knowing that it’s totally normal for to go through those things with our toddlers and that our momentary feelings of frustration are totally normal!  Sigh.. what a relief!

We get things all situated and say our goodbyes.. til the next club meeting..

C’mon parents.. you know it’s happened to you too!  Share your experiences in the comments!



I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of 2012.

This year has definitely flown by.

I’ve always felt life fly by so fast, but add a toddler into the mix and life begins to travel at warp speed!

In January of 2012, I was in the last month of my maternity leave.  M just turned 4 months old.  She had her ears pierced.  She was just rolling around, laughing, trying to crawl, but getting nowhere..

And her development just zoomed through the year..

Now, she’s walking (running!), talking, tantruming, laughing, playing, iPad/iPhone working, Dora the Explorer loving.. she’s a full blown toddler.. none of that infant stuff for her anymore!

This was definitely a fast year for our little family.   I’m so glad I started documenting it on this blog.

I loved 2012.  I really had tons of fun!  I even survived the Mayan Apocalypse!

I can’t wait for what 2013 will bring.

As you noticed, I am doing a pretty good job with keeping up with my blog again.

I’ve been posting everyday and I have been pretty diligent about finding some short little things to blog about.

It got me thinking..

What is this blog about?!

Ok.. it’s my life.

But.. should it be more than that?

I can fill this blog with endless stories about my life.. my husband.. my daughter.. and any other chapters of my life that will come and go..

But.. should it be more than that?

As of this point in my life, this is a mommy blog.  Let’s face it, I’m a mommy.

So you’re going to see a lot of stories of motherhood.

But.. should it be more than that?

Motherhood isn’t about random stories of what my kid is up to.. well.. not all the time..

It’s about things I use and experience on a daily basis as a parent, as a mother..

So.. I think I’m going to add a few product reviews based on my life with a toddler.

I’m not asking for people to go out and buy me stuff so I can review them.  I’m not being paid by anyone to do any sort of reviews of any of their products.

These will be totally honest, organic and simple.

I’ll go through Little M’s things and write reviews based on what she and I like and/or dislike about it..

Super simple.  Super honest.

And it’s not going to be all the time.. just when I find the time to do so..

So.. look for that in the coming entries.. I hope you enjoy them when they do start to appear..

Mother’s Day is coming up.. this Sunday.  Is it just me or did it seem like it’s earlier than most years?!  It just seemed to pop outta nowhere..

Being pregnant with our first child.. and Mother’s Day coming so quickly.. it got me thinking.. Does this Mother’s Day actually count for me?!

In my opinion.. it’s a toss up..

I could say no because the baby isn’t born yet.. and most pregnant women are referred to as “mommy-to-be.”  I could also say no because I can’t really identify with other mothers yet.  I have no “war stories” to compare with.  I don’t know the sleepless nights.. the highs.. the lows.. and all that comes with raising a child.  I still don’t know and experienced the true meaning of “mother..”

Or have I?!

I feel like the instant I found out I was pregnant, I became a mother.  My protective maternal instincts kicked in the second that pregnancy test came out positive.  I worry day and night that the child growing in me is safe, healthy and strong.  My mind is never too far away from our baby.  My life has changed in the sense that I am fully aware of the impact my actions may have on my child’s life, in and out of the womb..

I’ve felt the beginnings of “mommy sacrifices” because of the morning sickness.. the aches and pains of pregnancy.. sacrifices I deal with knowing that it’s our child in me.. and trying my best to make him/her feel safe in her temporary home..

So.. does that make me a “mommy-to-be” or just a “mommy?”

I guess it could really go either way.. what did you think when you were pregnant on Mother’s Day?!

I’m Catholic.. I don’t know I would say I’m “devout..” I definitely have my flaws.. and my faith journey is miles and miles and miles long..

But I do know that I love my God.. and I love the Faith and religion that has brought me closer to my God..

The pregnancy has gotten me thinking a lot about my Catholic faith.. my faith journey.. and the future.. every bit of my maternal instinct wants to see this child grow into the faith that I have learned to love over the years..

Having a child is a great responsibility.. because now.. I’m not journeying through my faith alone.. I’m journeying with child.  This child is going to follow my examples.. and I’m going to be setting her foundation from day one!  That’s a huge and overwhelming thought to process.

I’m sure every mother has gone through the thought process of what a huge responsibility motherhood really is.  It’s not only physically creating this human being.. but being the example in which they learn how to live their life.. from Day One..

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