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It’s been an interesting week. 

I lost my phone on Monday.. I really can’t remember the two-five minutes that lapsed between the time I left the restroom and the time I got in the car.. it kills me that I can’t remember..

How soon is “baby brain” supposed to hit you?!  I thought that it was supposed to hit later in the pregnancy.. but then again.. this is me.. and it’s not really unusual for me to have brain farts.. hahah!

I miss my phone.. it’s made me realize how much I actually depend on that thing.. it’s like a lifeline.. I feel so disconnected from everyone and everything..

But I guess it’s been a nice “techie-break” for me.. to really concentrate on what’s important.. but then again.. my brain is soo consumed with the missing phone.. I’ve been a big ball of emotions..

It’s not fun..

On the other hand.. my morning sickness has been getting milder and milder.. it’s getting more tolerable that I dont have to feel like I’m constantly having to put food in my mouth..

However.. food is starting to taste really bland to me.. EVERYTHING is bland.. unless it intensionally had strong flavors.. nothing tastes good..

Oh well, I’d rather have the bland foods than the neverending nausea.. and I’d rather have my cell phone than be without it..

What a week..

So.. I’m off from work today.. but I totally feel like I’ve worked harder than I’ve ever worked before..

I woke up when Joe woke up.. no only because his alarm woke me up.. but because I had to get up early to tackle the DMV..

I had a bajillion things I wanted to get done today.. and I think I did a good majority of them.. so.. pat me on the back.. and let me take a nap!  I’m exhausted!!!

I drove around my new stomping grounds.. learned where some things were.. and got a lot of post-wedding tasks accomplished.. name changing being the main thing.. so exhausting!  Why do the women always have to go through the harder things in life.. planning the wedding.. carrying a baby.. then giving birth to a baby.. add to that list NAME CHANGING!!  It’s such a pain!  I’m still not 100% done.. and I bet there are a lot of other things I forget to do during this post-wedding era..

Oh ya.. and I also cleaned up the kitchen.. and am continuing to rearrange and clean things up in our place.. boxes still everywhere.. and we still have no idea where to put some stuff.. the clutter is driving me insane!!!

I really don’t feel like I had a day off.. boo.

And to top it off.. I broke my phone.. my lovely HTC Incredible.. it accidentally slipped through my hands while I was looking at the lower shelves at the Michaels today.. and my screen shattered.. I think the only thing keeping it together is the screen protector I have on.. needless to say.. my phone protector can’t protect anything.. that sucks.. good thing I have phone insurance.. I should be getting my new phone tomorrow.. I swear.. that phone fell from about 4-6 inches off the ground.. that screen shattered.. I’m so frustrated.. but at least it still works..

The lessons I learned today:

1.  I’m too clumsy for fancy phones
2.  A day off will never feel like a “day off” ever again..

I forgot my phone at home today.

The thing I’m worried about the most is that Murphy’s Law is going to kick in and I’m going to be in a situation where having my phone would benefit me.

I’m praying hard that isn’t going to happen.

Because of my phone-less self.. I feel like I am not whole.  I still can’t believe how attached I am to my Blackberry.  It’s like a lifeline to me.

When did we become so attached to our cell phones?

Generations before us survived without a form of constant contact to the world.  Growing up, we didn’t have cell phones.  We still survived.. we still got around.. and we still did things.

Now.. I can’t imagine my life without a cell..

I can’t imagine getting anything done, or having any outing with out a cell phone.  It’s INSANE how ingrained a cell phone is into our lives..

It’s just going to be one of those days.. and I still hope it speeds on by.. but I’m still going crazy..

At least I have cookies.. and Google-chat.. oh technology.. how you have a hold on me..

My boyfriend butt-dialed me this morning.. or so he claims.

He texted me this morning while I was at work.. then suddenly.. he called.. so I called.. and he didn’t answer..

I texted him to ask if he called me.. and he said no..

Hahah.. butt dialing.

Ok.. it’s trivial.. it’s juvenile.. it’s immature (isn’t that the same thing as juvenile?!)

I have to confess that I do love that commericial they used to play for the Blackberry Pearl that flips closed.. so no more butt-dialing.. yay!

I just thought it was the funniest commercial.. EVER.. ok.. maybe not to that extent..

Butt-humor is just so funny to me..

For your viewing pleasure.. please.. enjoy!

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