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M graduated from preschool.

It was a great day.

They did the celebration at a local park.  They played for a little bit and then the teacher gathered them around for a little “ceremony.”

They were handed certificates and then each of them were to say their favorite thing about preschool.

In true “M” nature, she said that her favorite thing about preschool was playtime.

After the ceremony, the kids were allowed to play around until they were ready to go home.

We took M to Chuck E Cheese for lunch afterward.  We ended up staying there for THREE HOURS!  M and K had a blast!  They played endlessly.  They loved every single minute they were there.

Three hours at Chuck E Cheese meant that they fell asleep in the car before we even left the parking lot!

It definitely was a great day!

I’m so proud of what M had accomplished this preschool year.  She had grown so much since the beginning.  She’s definitely become a better student because of this experience.

She’ll be moving on to Transitional Kindergarten for the next school year.  I’ll probably do a post about it when the time comes.

Congratulations, my baby girl.  Over the course of the school year, I have seen you grow up into a little lady.  You’ve made friends, and learned how to be a good student.  I can’t wait to see what next year holds for you.  You make me so proud everyday.  I love you so much and I hope we have a super fun summer vacation!

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I’ve been 32 for a few days now.. and I have to say it’s off to a pretty good start.

I’ve noticed that as I got older, birthdays don’t really mean much anymore.

It’s just another ordinary day.  Granted, you get tons of well-wishes from everyone you know and that always makes me feel loved and special.

You don’t get special treatment. 

It’s your day to get older.. and that’s pretty much it.

Now, am I complaining?  Not at all.

It’s fine to forgo all the birthday hoopla.  It’s fine that my day goes on as normal.  I don’t think I want the remind that I’m well into my 30s when I actually feel like I’m barely in my mid-20s.. haha.

Anyway, I woke up to the hubby surprising me with The New iPad.  So exciting! 

Actually, I knew it was his plan to get me one for my birthday, but knowing him, I thought he would totally stall on it.  But no, he was great at surprising me with it.  I love it and so does Little M!

We had a nice little family dinner.  We went home and ended the day playing with the iPad with M.

In the words of The Fresh Beat Band, “What a great day.”

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