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Posts are getting to be few and far between.. never fear.. I’m always around.. and I promise not to let this blog fall on the wayside..

Anyway.. I am not going to write about the Jon and Kate announcement.. not yet.. I don’t have that much time right now..

Oh.. Farrah Fawcett died today.. but I’m not going to write about that either..  may she rest in peace.. and we all have the comfort of knowing she isn’t suffering anymore..

I’m not going to mention how glad I am that someone beat the crap outta Perez Hilton.. cuz he deserves.. ugh.. can’t stand that man!

This isn’t an entertainment blog.. haha..

Actually.. I’m not really sure what I am going to write about.. so let’s write about this:

All my life.. I have wanted to do something that would change the world.  I wanted to be someone that made a mark in history sometime in my life.  I wanted to be remembered for something great.  I wanted to save the world.. save the people.. save the whales.. save the planet.. save religion.. save anything needing to be saved..

I still want to do that.. of course I do.. I want to make a difference in someone’s lives.. I want to open their eyes to the joys of the world.. I want to let people know that there are still good people and good things in the world.. and not everything is about war and crime.. and drugs.. and darkness..

It’s such a broad spectrum that I have never really known where to begin.. there’s so much work to be done.. and not enough time..

I pray that one day.. God will give me the time.. and the strength to do whatever He has willed me to do.. I know my calling is to give.. give my time.. give my talent.. and my treasure (whenever possible).. to whatever He has called me to focus on.. God and I are still working on that.. there is so much to offer.. but there is so little time..

I’m aiming high.. knowing that one of these days.. weeks.. months.. years.. I will be given a gift to share to the world.. I will be given the gift of time.. to really try to make a difference.. and make my dreams and aspirations finally come true..

And if we can squeeze marriage and a family in there.. that would make life PERFECT!!


I sing at my Church.  I am a member of the Filipino choir at the Church I am a parishoner in.  I’ve sung at the other Church in which I was a parishoner in too.

I started singing at my current Church when someone from that choir had heard me sing at the Cursillo retreat that I attended.

Am I making sense?  Probably not, but my brain is fried and I still felt the need to leave a blog entry.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that singing for the Church is very important to me.  Singing, according to one of the Saints.. I want to say St. Francis.. but I could be wrong.. anyway..

Singing, is like praying twice.. something to that effect.

Music has always, always, always been an important part of my life.  Starting out as a dancer.. then moving on to singing.. I’ve always had music in my life in some form.

From the time I was young, learning how to put a vinyl record in the player and turn it on.. I was singing and dance..

During my “teen angst” years.. I always identified to music to get me through my “moods..”

Growing up.. finding love.. and heartbreak.. music and lyrics have always comforted me..

Now.. growing spiritually.. I have found a new appreciation for music.. for song.. for songs of prayer.. for singing with the congregation.. for guiding the congregation in song.. it’s such a beautiful thing..

The older I get.. the more music is a part of my life.. and I know that it always will be..

There are times in our lives that prayer and our faith in God are the only things that can keep us going..

I believe that all that I have achieved would not be possible if I didn’t trust in the Lord and pray for the success and guidance I have gotten from Him. 

There have been many times in my life that I have wondered why I was put here and what my purpose is.. and why I have been brought in the directions that I have been brought to..

There are many instances where I’ve questioned why I had to go through a certain ordeal.. or why I don’t have what others have.. or why other people seem to have the life that I’ve always wanted..

Why do they get to live the way I’ve wanted to live.. and they don’t go to Church ever week.. they don’t practice a religion.. they don’t have a strong faith in God.. why do they get the life that I want?

How is that even fair?

I’ve found myself questioning God over and over again about that..

But what I WANT.. may not necessarily be what I NEED.. what I want may be detrimental to my life.. or may steer me in the wrong direction in the long run.. in any case.. He knows what’s best.. even if it’s something I didn’t want.. He knows what I need..

I’m being looked out for.. and that’s the consolation I need to know that I am being taken care of.. that I am loved and that I am never going to be given something that I can’t handle..

So.. take some time out of your day.. thank God for all that He has given you.. a simple prayer of thanks.. because He really is just a prayer away..

I’ve been so busy this past weekend that I have neglected to enter a blog entry for a few days now. 

It’s ok.. absence makes the heart grow fonder..

That’s what they tell me all the time..

We had an awesome Easter Sunday.  Went to Mass.. crowded as usual because of all the Catholics that seem to remember they are Catholic only on Easter and Christmas.. oh ya.. and also Ash Wednesday..

When you are Catholic.. you are Catholic all the time.. you go to Mass every Sunday.. but that rant is for a whole other blog entry.. we are here to talk about Easter..

After Mass we went to visit my cousin and the whole rest of the family.  We all had a good time.. nice bbq..

The kids had a cute egg hunt.. my cousin did a great job hiding some of the eggs that some of the older kids couldn’t find theirs for awhile..

For our family, we have such a wide range of kids we had to develop rules to our egg hunts.. every kid is limited to a certain amount of “non-named” eggs.. and they also have a series of eggs with their specific names on them.. my cousin set it up so that the older they are.. the harder it was  to find the ones with their names on it.

That was actually quite fun helping those lost older ones find their named eggs..

All in all.. that was a very Blessed day for the family.. we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord with family and love and lots of laughs.. God’s Grace was with us all that day.. as it is with every other day..with which we should all always be thankful..

I added a new category to my blog.. “Church rulez..”

As some of you know, I am a Catholic.. a pretty devout Catholic.. I go to Mass every Sunday.. I volunteer in several ministries in my church.. of course.. I sing in the choir..

I used to be a fairly active listener to the Catholic podcasts.. and participant in various Catholic social media things.. I wish I had more time to devote to that.. but pursuing my MBA has put a damper on the constant listening.. and such.. but I still try to pop in every so often.. I learned so much from those podcasts..

My faith is very important to me.. it even gave up a romantic relationship for my faith.. but we all know that whenever the Lord closes a door.. somewhere He opens a window.. and that’s exactly what He did..

I know I am blessed in many ways.. and I never forget to thank God for all of it..

Today is Good Friday.. a day to remember all that Jesus went through.. all the suffering for our sins..

Let’s keep a prayerful attitude today.. and just remember all He has done for us..

There are certains things in my life that can be deemed “questionable..”

But I have learned over the years to just give it up to God and let him take care of things.. I trust that He knows what direction He’s leading me to.. and I trust that He knows what He is doing with me.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems.  Life seems to send twists and turns.  Once you get comfortable with one thing.. or you finally decide that maybe this is the path you are set out to walk on.. you get thrown off and you suddenly find yourself lost.. or at least jilted..

I’m sorta at that point right now.  For the past few weeks I had settled on what I thought was what I was meant to be.. to feel.. to have..

I wake up this morning sure of what I feel.. but not sure that I’m allowed to feel that way just yet..

It’s hard to explain without giving it all away.. which I really don’t want to do.. these are just thoughts in my head right now.. not ready to be materialized into actual actions..

I will say that I know how I should know.. and I do what I should do.. but as more time passes.. it just all becomes questionable.. I want what I want.. and I know what path I desire to follow.. but it seems like I’m being thrown off again.. or.. at least.. slowed down..

I needed something to break the momentum.. and it looks like I found it.. but did i really want it after all??

I’m not scared of change.. I’m not scared of what is to come.. I’m just scared that I will fail at it all.. I don’t want to be a failure in life..

I sing.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it here before.. but I sing..


Yes.. that’s me.. singing in a show in 2007.. a broadway review.. I was singing “I Still Believe” from Miss Saigon with a friend of mine.  I was singing Kim’s part.. which is widely known as Lea Salonga’s part..

Anyway.. I sing..I’m going to be singing tomorrow for Mass.  I’m going to be the cantor and I will be singing the mediation song.

Being the cantor is always fun.. stressing.. and I get nervous everytime.. but being nervous is a good thing.  Nerves keep a performer in check.. makes sure they don’t get over confident and forget their technique and screw up.  That’s my opinion.

Singing the mediation song is also nerve-racking.. I’ll be singing Christmas Lullaby from Jason Robert Brown’s show “Songs From A New World..”

It’s a beautiful song.. and if there was some sort of video on YouTube… I’d let you all listen to it.  But.. well.. I guess maybe I’ll have to video myself doing it and post it up.  But we’ll see how brave I am.

I’m singing for the Lord.. I pray it turns out fine.. considering I’m in recovery mode from a cold I’ve been going through.. Eeeek!

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