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There is a place in Carlsbad that allows the public to pick their own strawberries. 

Of course, we HAD to take M. 

So during Memorial Day weekend, we took a drive to the Carlsbad area to go pick some strawberries. 

The area was a pretty big field, but they only had a certain area blocked off specifically for the public to pick from.  The rows are close together that we had to walk through it in a single file line.  It also made it a little difficult for M to walk through without tripping on her little legs.


Here she is picking a strawberry.  Some were easier to pick than others, but she loved doing this.  She sang the theme song to “Strawberry Shortcake” for a majority of the time she was berry picking.  By the time we filled up the bucket, she was a little strawberry picking expert.

I learned a few things from this place for the next time we decide to go. 

Slather sunscreen on your little one.  You will be pretty much under the sun the whole time.  I would also recommend an umbrella if you really want to protect your little ones.  I laid it on pretty thick with her since M seems to be prone to sun rashes when we don’t put sunscreen on her.  Also, since she’s got lighter skin color than I do, she burns more.  I never want to risk her getting a sun burn.

Also, you can see in this photo that she’s got a little romper on and the walkway is pretty narrow.   I mentioned earlier that she would often stumble or trip onto the bush next to her.  When we got to the car, I noticed that she had some pretty bad scratches on her leg.  Nothing that bled profusely, but they were bad enough to bleed a little bit.  Next time we go, I will definitely put her in some pants to protect her little legs.

The weekend after strawberry picking, we decided to drive up to Temecula to do some blueberry picking.  There’s a berry farm up in Temecula that allows the public to pick berries from the entire farm!  It was a pretty huge area to choose from.


The space between the bushes was much wider.  We took our jogging stroller with us so we can go the farthest points to start picking.  You can see in the photo that I put her in pants just i case she fell again.

Because this was Temecula, it was HOT!  I suggest either going much earlier in the day, or much later in the afternoon.  We went around 2pm and it was pretty much the hottest part of the day.  I definitely recommend bringing an umbrella here.  They have areas to sit down on a bale of hay in the shade, and I took advantage of those places while Hubby and M kept berry picking. 

M wants to go cherry picking now.  I have no idea where she got the idea, but it seems to be next on her list.  I do want to take her apple picking later on this year, even though she’ll be too little to reach the trees. 

I’m so glad she enjoyed these experiences.  I can’t wait to take her on more adventures as she gets older!
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