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So.. right after we got home from Disneyland, I signed Joe and myself up for the various  wedding planning websites.

The main two I’ve been looking at are:

Both are really great.. but I’ve found myself gravitating towards a lot more.  The interface is a little more simplistic and there seem to be a lot more things that I can do with this site than with

Therefore.. it is..

So I go to the To-do list after I added our tentative wedding date.. which I will probably announce once I confirmed the Church..

The To-do list says I have EIGHTEEN tasks over due.. EIGHTEEN!!

I just started and I’m already behind?!

What is this madness?!!?

I can feel the seeds of a bridezilla being planted inside me..


So I’m sitting here watching “Bridezillas” on the WE Channel.  It’s like a car wreck on the freeway.  You know that it’s terrible to watch.. but you just can’t seem to pull yourself away from it.. you have to see how it ends.

What I don’t understand is why these couples insist on getting married when the mere planning of their wedding is completely dysfunctional?!

I mean, these problems that they have, and the attitude issues they have are most likely things that have occured way BEFORE they even considered getting married.

Are those men sooo p*ssy whipped that they can’t stand up to these women?  This bride that I am watching is calling his family a bunch of idiots!!!  This man is just taking it.. wow!

This other bride said she chose her bridesmaids because they are uglier than her.. wow!

No wonder 50% of marriages end in divorce.. seriously.

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