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It’s been an interesting week. 

I lost my phone on Monday.. I really can’t remember the two-five minutes that lapsed between the time I left the restroom and the time I got in the car.. it kills me that I can’t remember..

How soon is “baby brain” supposed to hit you?!  I thought that it was supposed to hit later in the pregnancy.. but then again.. this is me.. and it’s not really unusual for me to have brain farts.. hahah!

I miss my phone.. it’s made me realize how much I actually depend on that thing.. it’s like a lifeline.. I feel so disconnected from everyone and everything..

But I guess it’s been a nice “techie-break” for me.. to really concentrate on what’s important.. but then again.. my brain is soo consumed with the missing phone.. I’ve been a big ball of emotions..

It’s not fun..

On the other hand.. my morning sickness has been getting milder and milder.. it’s getting more tolerable that I dont have to feel like I’m constantly having to put food in my mouth..

However.. food is starting to taste really bland to me.. EVERYTHING is bland.. unless it intensionally had strong flavors.. nothing tastes good..

Oh well, I’d rather have the bland foods than the neverending nausea.. and I’d rather have my cell phone than be without it..

What a week..

It’s amazing what your mind remembers when you just let it go and allow it to do it’s thing..

I went to one of my bestie’s house’s today.. it’s in a city that’s pretty close to the college we all attended..

I left her house during a high rush-hour traffic time and so I wanted to avoid a big chunk of the freeway junctions that I know cause a lot of traffic.  There are very many ways to get around through the city my college is in to get to various freeways in the area..

I knew the area well when I was in college.  I knew my way around that city like I actually lived there.

I graduated in 2004.  It’s been 5 years since I’ve driven around that area, but I really wanted to avoid various parts of the freeways that are known for major traffic jams.

So I drove around and just did what I knew.  I kept my eyes and my mind open, letting my long-term memory and instinct just take control..

I was amazingly able to get to where I needed to be..

It’s amazing what the mind can do when you are not thinking too hard and just letting your mind take your where you are supposed to go..

If only it were that easy with everything in life..

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