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I woke up to a world that has once again been changed forever.. the tragedies that occurred yesterday at the Boston Marathon will forever been etched into the minds of millions.

I wasn’t directly affected, but I feel terrible just the same.

It’s the strangest feeling waking up and starting my day “business as usual” when another part of the country is in mourning. 

The world feels a little different now.  I feel a little bit more paranoid, a little bit more causious, a little bit more sad.

This event occurred on the other side of the country from me.. and while I’m so grateful that it didn’t happen to me, I know that no one is immune to such tragedies. 

It could happen to anyone, anywhere.

I have a family, a daughter.. and knowing it could happen anywhere scares me the most.

I was 20 when 9/11 occurred.  It rocked me to my core, but never affected me as badly as Sandy Hook, or this..

At 20, I didn’t have a family of my own to protect.. I was single.. the world was still big and for the taking.. I still like what happened during 9/11 happened “over there” and I’m lucky to live “over here.”  I was saddened, and while the world changed overnight that time, I still didn’t “connect” to the impact it had.

But these new tragedies happened in my 30s.. these new tragedies happened at a time where I’m more mature and my outlook on life has changed so much.  These new tragedies connected…

I’m waking up to this world that was once again rocked by violence and loss.  I’m saddened and scared by these events. 

I pray for all those affected.  I pray for the recoveries of the injured.  I pray for the souls of the lost.  I pray for the emotional state of all involved. 

I pray for Boston.

I pray for the world.

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