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I borrowed Dora The Explorer: Valentines for Everyone from the library.

Since M LOVES Dora, I figured that she would totally enjoy this book.

I was right!

This book is such a fun little treat. There are several flaps per page that your toddler can open and find a cute surpise. If your child is familiar with Dora and her friends, your child will enjoy opening a flap and finding Tico, Benny, or Issa hiding behind them!

The book is made for Valentines Day. The book goes through a little adventure to get to Abuela’s house to give her a Valentine.

My daughter loves to open the door to find Abuela hiding on the other side. She knocks on the door and tries to open the door by the knob, but since it’s just a picture, I had to teach her how to properly open the flap.

This is a board book that will endure the wear and tear of a toddler. However, the flaps are made of heavy paper, but can be easily ripped, so be careful.

I recommend this book for any Dora the Explorer lover!

Click the link above to be directed to the book’s Amazon page.

Our local library is running a summer reading program for kids of all ages.  I signed M up for it.

Read 10 books by August 15th and they give out a prize.

I borrowed two books when I signed up for the program.

Excitedly, I tried to show M the books.

She took one of the books, opened it somewhere in the middle, and then closed it saying, “thee enn” (the end).

She took the other book, and did the same thing.

Not what I was picturing..

I guess, in my head, I was picturing this picture perfect scenario in which she would see the books, sit on my lap, and we would read them.  In this scenario, she would excitedly turn the page, look at me with loving eyes, and just enjoy every second of our reading adventure.

If I haven’t learned it yet, NOTHING is how you envision it “picture perfectly” when you have a toddler.

We’ve had the books for a few days now.  She’s getting used to having them around and she’s actually enjoying one of them.  I’m going to renew the check out for that book and get her some new ones soon.

I hope to participate in this summer reading program every year.

Do any of you have your children participating in a summer reading program?  What sort of books to you check out for a toddler?


Little M is obsessed.

She’s obsessed with Dora the Explorer..

Me:  M, what do you want to watch?
M:  Doh-wah.

She’ll take the remote control while Hubby and I are watching television, press a few buttons and say:  “I wat doh-wah.”

That could be interpreted as “I want Dora” or “I watch Dora.”  You decide.

She LOVES her Dora.

So to compromise, we’ve been having her watch one or two episodes on Netflix some night before bed.  It helps her unwind and settle down after playing around all day.  On nights where we don’t let her watch Dora, she makes us read her little Dora book that we had purchased on a whim one trip to Costco.  Thank goodness for that whim, it’s become her favorite book!

Oh Dora, what have you done to my kid?!

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