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Lately, I’ve realized that keeping up with two blogs is just too much.

Yes, I have two blogs.  My other blog is a crafting blog, CutieQ Cards n Crafts.

For awhile, I was able to keep up with bi-weekly posting on that blog and daily posting on this blog.

But now, it’s just getting to be too hard.

I thought having two blogs would be easy.  I didn’t want to mix them up.  Not every parent wants to read about crafts.  Not every crafter wants to read about parenting.

So, I’m posting the question here.  I’m looking for your advice.

Should I mix the two blogs?

Should I just include the crafting stuff here, under it’s own category? 

Would you read it?

Would you enjoy it?

Or should I just shape up and find a way to keep up with both again?

I’d love to know.  Leave your answers in the comments!

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I’ve been a part of the Top Mommy Blogs network for almost two months now and I have seen some great results.

In the specific category that I have chosen my blog to be in, I have been ranked around #22.  Overall, I’m ranked at #102.

It’s truly been a blessing to be voted for and for climbing the ranks to those spots.

Here is your little reminder to continue to click the badges at the bottom of each post whenever you read my blog.  All you have to do is click.  There is no need to sign up.  There is no need to contribute anymore than just a click.

Let’s try to get me into the top #100 blogs in the network! 

Thanks again for all the support.  Let me know if there is anything you would like to see me review or if there are any topics you want to see me cover!

(Don’t forget to click these badges to rate my blog and vote for me. All you need to do is click!)
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Some of you may have noticed that I have added a badge to the upper right side bar of this blog.

Last week, I submitted this blog to Top Mommy Blogs.  Yesterday, I got the word that this little blog ‘o mine has been approved!


Now, I can wear that badge proudly, but I need help from you!

If you love reading this blog, and other mommy blogs, I encourage you to click the badge.  Not only will it redirect you to a great source of other fun and informative mommy blogs, it will count as a vote towards my own blog!


Votes get reset at the beginning of each month, so you will definitely hear from me about this at least once a month.

Help a mommy blogger out by clicking the badge and casting a vote for my little piece of the internet!

Thanks so much in advance!

Did you know I have another blog?

It’s a crafting blog called “CutieQ Cards n Crafts

“Cutie” because I like to think that some of the things I make are more on the cutsey side than anything else..

“Q” because my last name starts with Q.

“Cards n Crafts” because even though I’m primarily a cardmaker, I do make other crafty things in the realm of papercrafting.

If you ever want to see what I’m up to when I’m not being a full-time working mother, feel free to click the link!


Hubby wants to write his own blog.. about my behavior.. I don’t know what he’s talking about.. I’m always on my best behavior (hee hee)

Hubby:  That’s going on the blog!
Me:  What blog?  I don’t write stuff about myself..
Hubby:  I’m gonna start a blog.. “My crazy wife..”
Me:  You can’t keep up with a blog..
Hubby:  Uh huh. You’ll give me plenty to write about.. “Crazy Wife Logic..”
Me:  No you won’t..
Hubby:  “Crazy sh*it my wife pulls..”
Me:  Hey!




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