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I’ve admitted several times already that after I became a stay at home mom, finding time to blog and maintain a daily blog is hard.

The difficulty of maintaining a blog is seen in the many days in between blog posts.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the sudden spurts of blog posts, then a few days of rest, then another burst of posts again…

I made the decision to not let blogging stress me out.  While I want to maintain a daily blog, I know that my current situation will not always allow it.  I will not let that bother me.  However, I DO want to keep up with this blog.  It keeps my thoughts in order, stores my memories, and I’m hoping my children will read this one day to get a glimpse of what my life was before them and with them…

I set up a blogging schedule.  That’s where Mondays come into play.  On Mondays, we blog…

My Monday is reserved for blogging.  The ideal scenario is to have seven blog posts completed that day, one blog post for every day of that week, until next Monday.  To make sure I have seven topics to write about, I keep a list of the blog topics I want to discuss in my planner for that Monday.  I think about various topics throughout the week and when a topic comes up, I write it down.  I try to find a good mix of family life topics and crafting topics for the week.  That way, when Monday comes, I’m not wrecking my brain for a blog topic.

Now, the goal is to write all seven in one day.  I start the day by opening up my laptop and keeping it open in the living room all day.  When the baby naps, or decides she doesn’t want me to hold her, I will sit on my chair and write.  When the kids need me, I stop.  Simple.  When Hubby comes home, I can concentrate a little harder on getting more entries completed.

If I get to all seven, great!  I’m set for that week!

If I don’t get to all seven, that’s ok too.  I take the topics that I missed and I write them down on to next Monday’s list.  I won’t try to finish the rest of the list during the week.  I only blog on Mondays.  That way, I can spend the rest of the week with kids, working on crafts, house work… etc.  If I don’t make all seven that just means that there will be a few days that week that won’t have a blog entry… and I’m not going to stress over that at all.

How do you find the time to blog?  What’s your blogging schedule?  Share them here on the comments below!


There was been a deafening silence coming from my blog recently. 

I have only one explanation.

I’m busy.

Work has kept me so busy that I haven’t had the time to collect my thoughts.  I usually come in a little early before work and find some time to put down a couple of blog ideas on paper so I can type them up during a break or when I get home.  It’s usually on my commute when I think of the ideas, so getting to them to paper as soon as I get to work helps me not forget them. 

Home life has been busy.   CutieQ Cards n Crafts has been working on projects non-stop.  I’ve got at least 5 custom orders I need to get out and so home life has been a hectic juggle of mommy duties and crafting duties.  All the running around leaves me very little time to blog.  The spare time I do have, I spend hugging and cuddling M… and playing with Play Doh..

My One Little Word this year is CHALLENGE and I wanted that word to help push myself to blog every day, here and on the craft blog.  It’s slowly evolving into a CHALLENGE to keep myself balanced and sane. 

No, I’m not complaining.  I love the productivity, especially when it comes to the crafting.  I love the action, I love having something to do.

My life is definitely NOT boring.  I have things to blog about.  I just need the time.

I can forgo another hour of sleep to update the blog for you guys, right?

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