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Looking back on the blog posts from before I took my six month hiatus, I notice that I was beginning to incorporate more pictures into the blog posts.


As I’m slowly starting to get back into the blogging world, I will work on adding more photos to my blog posts.

Baby steps.  Baby steps.



Ok, so I’ve hit it..

I knew this would happen when I challenged myself to write a blog entry every day for 2013.

I’ve hit “writers block.”

Not that there isn’t a lot to talk about.. there’s always tons to talk about.

It’s just that its sometimes difficult to find the words to properly retell a story, or a feeling.  Sometimes the day to day occurences are too boring to write a blog entry about..

Sometimes my stories about M are so trivial, there’s no way I can dedicate one entire blog entry for it..


Little M has been screaming a lot lately out of excitement.  It’s ear piercing, but a good time.

Can you really see an entire blog entry come out of that?! 

So, I’m looking to you for inspiration.. I need help!  Ask me a question, give me a writing prompt.. point me to the “write” direction.. get it?  Write?  Right?!

Leave you questions, comments, and inspiration in the comments below.. C’mon.. I know you can do it!

So I’ve been able to keep up with the blog posts on an everyday basis for awhile. 

I think I’m going to try to do this until the end of the year.

I really thought that I would have a hard time figuring out what sort of entries to do everyday.

I thought I would run out of things to tell.  I thought I would be struggling to find topics or stories…

Apparently life with a toddler is full of adventure. 

I wonder if I can make this “daily entry” goal an entire year thing?

2013, can I post a blog entry everyday?

I guess we’ll have to find out!

Since I started that whole “Things my hubby say/does.. ” I looked at every interaction as a potential blog entry.. so much so that every other time hubby say something remotely interesting.. my first response is “That’s going on the blog!”

Hubby has become a lot more interesting now that he has become the source of my blog entertainment..

Gotta love the guy!

I’ve been too lazy to blog lately.. there has been so much going on with wedding planning.. and work.. and life.. that I look at my link to my wordpress blog.. and I just get too lazy to type something..

That’s not saying that I don’t have much to say.. I did..

There were moments of frustration that I want to just rant about.. but I thought twice because I didn’t want to say things that I really didn’t mean in the long run..

There were “words of wisdom” I thought I had about wedding planning.. and upon further thought.. it just made me sound arrogant and all smug about weddings.. so.. I opted against making such postings..

Then.. there were some general postings about what’s going on.. and they just seemed to complicated to type about when taken out of context to previous events.. and that would just make them sound stupid..

I’ll just admit.. I’ve been lazy..

Sorry.. but I can’t say it won’t happen again..

When I have something awesome to say.. I’ll be sure to say it..

I saw Julie and Julia today.

It’s pretty much a movie about a blog.

A blog?!

I am inspired.  I am inspired to make a blog that will change the world.  I want to make a blog that everyone will read and invest their time and feel absolutely devastated should I miss an entry.  Ok, maybe not THAT extreme.

But I think I need direction.  I think I need some focus.

Julie Powell had her project.  Many bloggers have their “theme.”

What is MY theme?

I have lots and lots of categories.  I just blog whatever comes to mind.. is that good enough?

Should I go deeper?  Get more personal?  Tell more stories?  Give advice?


I have not a clue.

I’m no expert on anything but the life I’m living.. I’m sure I’ll be interesting to someone out there..

Thanks Julie&Julie.. for making me feel like an inadequate blogger.. in a way.. it’s a good thing.. makes me strive for better.. let’s hope it gets better..

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