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During my last appointment about a week ago, my OB-GYN determined that the current weight of this little baby is about 5lbs, 10oz.

I would imagine that at this point, the baby is probably pushing 6lbs now.

When M was born, she weighed only 5lbs, 3oz.

That means that this baby is currently heavier than M ever was in my tummy.  Believe me, I’m feeling every bit of that weight.

At this point, I’m quickly approaching the 36 week mark and feeling heavier and sorer (is that word?) than I’ve ever felt before.

This part of pregnancy is all new to me.  Feeling very heavy, and feeling that this baby is quickly running out of room.  I thought it was uncomfortable when I was pregnant with M, but this is vastly different.

There are days when I’m sluggish.  I’m on bedrest and hardly getting up to do anything, yet I’m still sluggish!  I can barely move, even to just roll over!  Everything hurts from my back to my front and everything in between.  I don’t remember being this way with M.

I’m so thankful that God has blessed this child to stay in me for as long as she is staying, but I just never realized how uncomfortable it truly is!

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Ok.. so it’s February..

So this is the month I begin my fitness challenge for the year.. run a mile at least twice a week.

I’ll start next week.

I know,  I know..

It’s the beginning of the challenge and I’m already making excuses and procrastinating..

But really, I’m not.

I had intended to do the runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.. today is a Friday.

So I have a perfectly legitimate reason why I can’t start today..

So there. 

I’ll keep you posted.

I finished my first week of Pilates.  I took 2 Level 1 classes.  Tuesday and Thursday.

I have to say that I really do love it.

My personal trainer kicked my bootie just as much as pilates does, but I seem to like pilates much better.

This kind of work out just seems “prettier” to me.  I can’t explain it. 

Pilates just seems more feminine than running a treadmill and pulling on cords..

But in our pilates class we work with springs.. and a apparatus called a Reformer.. just feels more girly too me.. I don’t know.. don’t ask me to explain..

I found new muscles that have never seemed to be used before.. like in arms and inner thighs.. I thought my trainer had woken up every muscle.. but looks like some of them missed that wake up call. 

I leave that class feeling like jelly, but in a total good way.

I’m re-energized, motivated, and excited for next week’s set of classes.   I can’t wait to try some Level 2 classes.  Maybe after another class or two..

It’s great to find a form of excerise you actually enjoy.  Then it doesn’t feel like a chore.  I felt that way about yoga a few years ago.  I found myself at that yoga studio 3-4 times a week because I liked it so much.

Now, with a child, I’ll have to limit that to maybe 2-3 times a week depending on my schedule. 

I’m so glad Groupon offered this class.  I would have never known that there was a Pilates studio so close to home. 

I can’t wait to start seeing the results too!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday, I know I did!

Started off the day shopping.  Yes, shopping.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to buy my tops Small.  Yes.  I’m a Small again.

Ok, so my arms still look a little beefy, and my thighs still are bigger than I’d like.. but I’m a size small again!

I feel so much better about shopping now.

I guess working out DOES have it’s advantages.. hahaha..

It feels good to see some progress.  It really does..

I’m probably around the size I was when I was at my heaviest during my last year of college.  I had gained weight because I lived off of pop tarts, large cookies, and caramel macchiatos.. ah.. the life of a college student.

I think I’m in that range again.. so all I need to do is workout a little more and I’ll be back to my normal self.. I hope!

Babies really do a number on your body..

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