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Picture this.  Sunday Mass. 

We’re in the pews and Little M starts sucking her thumb.  That’s her sign for “I want milk.”

I’m holding her, so I put Hubby in charge of milk making.

We use playtex drop-ins.

Hubby puts the bottle between his knees and fills it with required water. 

He puts the first scoop of powered baby formula into the bottle..

Without warning, Little M and her lightning quick hands reach in and grab the liner..

This is all going on during Mass, so we have to be quiet..

Struggle for the bottle liner between Hubby and Little M ensues while I try to hold Little M to prevent her from sliding down my lap..

Suddenly, I hear it.. a gush of milk-water..

Then.. I feel it.. all over my lap.. my jeans are soaked and there’s milk-water all over Little M, me and the floor.

Hubby said she grabbed the bottom of the liner with both hands and just squeezed.. so all the milk-water came gushing out.

It took every inch of control we had to prevent from laughing out loud..

Lesson:  Babies have very quick hands..

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